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10 Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

Health is important and should be given its priority in the length of life. Physiologically speaking, the body continuously replenishes the degenerated cells. That is how we stay alive. Vitality can’t be achieved in one day; just like how Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, with one random day’s effort; performed like an occasion; beauty can’t be replenished. What comes forth is one individual approach to maintaining beauty.

Beauty Tips to try at home

Broadly speaking, all of these are more physical or chemical; targeting the causes of ‘damage’ intrinsically or extrinsically.

  1. Ice your face

Icing one’s face is an effective and cheap beauty hack. A cube of ice can be held with the protection of a small towel to run over the face. Alternatively, fill a small tub of water and add a whole tray of ice cubes into it. Wash your face with said water or dunk your face in it as long as you can; supposing you do not have aquaphobia. Given the intensity of coldness, the shock from it can reduce some anxiety. Icing your face improves blood circulation. Improves face radiation and can even cure mild acne and acne scars.

  1. Applying aloe vera

Aloe vera can be another cheap and effective beauty hack if you can get hold of an aloe plant near you. In the absence of such, find a good aloe gel, the one with a good portion of aloe vera in it with minimum additives. The latter can be pricey. 

Scoop the insides of an aloe stalk and mash or grind it till it turns watery and runny. Apply on skin and/or hair and wait till it dries out.

Aloe vera has antibacterial properties and is an antioxidant. Pure aloe juice mixed with mouthwash makes an effective dental plaque cleaner and can accelerate healing of canker sores. Due to its healing nature, it can heal inside and outside the body. From reducing constipation to healing wounds, scars and acne. It goes without saying that one should never be drinking aloe gel.

  1. Maintain a well-balanced diet

Including diet as an essential component of a beauty regime might seem too apparent, but it is equally important. All can be said and done for good beauty and appearance but the intake of high amounts of fructose loaded foods and bad fats will subtract all the efforts of good creams and lotion. It might be a good idea to cut those out of the diet first and take baby steps towards drawing out a balanced meal plan for everything.

  1. Using potent oils for haircare

Coconut oil is hailed as an essential tool/secret of home beauty tips. Coconut oil is a good nourisher for hair and skin as well. However, coconut oil might be more suitable for skin types that can handle its viscosity or very dry skins as it blocks pores.

If interested in ingesting coconut oil, do make sure it is manufactured for consumption and limit the amount to 2 tbsp per day. Alternatively, try incorporating coconut oil in meals instead of ingesting it raw as it would be more enjoyable. Though coconut oil was never considered and isn’t disgusting to be taken on its own.

  1. Massage your face

Marketed as a beauty tool from ancient China for women, the “energy-healing” stone has cooling properties. The jade roller is a face massager tool expected to target body’s lymphatic system and reduce puffiness.

If you are privileged enough to own a jade roller or massager, simply run it up your face. Take care to never roll it down the face as one would never want a dropping face and sagging skin which is associated with aging.

  1. Exercise your face regularly

More effective than a jade roller or external massaging tool would be facial exercises. Since we hold access to our muscles, working them out from time to time might tighten it, defying the effects of gravity. Try doing facial exercises 5 mins every day for raising eyebrows, tightening facial muscles, slimming the jawline, raising the cheekbone etc. 

Chinese facial exercise machines gained notoriety for a reason though; results comparing its efficiency with that of Botox would not be fair. 

  1. Occasional use of peels and exfoliants

A similar experience to a beauty parlour course can be recreated at home. With patient understanding of one’s skin, a skincare routine can be drafted for perfection. A few extra bucks will help you buy same or similar chemical peels available in a beauty parlour.

  1. Exercise regularly

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. A well-balanced diet has to be accompanied with few exercises a few times a week. Beauty isn’t just of the face, but of the body as well. Moreover, fitness is unconsciously tangled with fitness.

However, being hygienic alone isn’t enough. Getting regular medical check-ups is also crucial. Something as simple as a dental visit plays an important role in your overall health and appearance. And experts like this professional dentist in denison can help you in making sure that your teeth remain healthy and pretty.

  1. Maintain a good level of hygiene

Good hygiene like good diet might seem too obvious to an addition inside the beauty regime. The association with beauty here is to maintain a decent level of hygiene. A neat presentation isn’t just limited to beauty but also one’s holistic health as well.

  1.  Intermittent use of makeup

In the end, it never hurts to use some additional help for glorifying one’s appearance. Beauty makeup tips can be borrowed but makeup is always done right with a proper understanding of products and its invention. 

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