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10 Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

Gambling history has recorded the most prominent casino wins across numerous platforms, venues, and parts of the world. Here is that list.

The Biggest Casino Wins Of All Time: Top 10 List (Online & Offline)

The list is endless when it comes to the biggest casino wins in history. Indeed, every player dreams of winning big when they play casino games like slots. However, for some, this dream has become a reality. They’ve won millions just by spinning the reels or bluffing their way to riches.

As you would expect, most of these vast winners have won the jackpot in Las Vegas. However, online casino games like slots have also offered some incredible prizes. Continue reading to learn about the most amazing online and land-based casino wins and their lucky winners.

The Biggest Casino Wins In Recent History: Top 10 (+Bonus!) List

Gambling has been around as long as humankind and represents one of the oldest activities our species has performed. However, the mob popularized and commercialized gambling in Las Vegas in the 1960s and transformed it into today’s globally famous activity.

Therefore, Vegas is the Mecca for gamblers worldwide, although online casinos have taken much of its fame away. Nowadays, players can enjoy their favorite casino games in virtually every corner of the world, and all they need are a connection and a smartphone or computer. If you’re looking for the most favorable games, industry information, and unbiased casino reviews, we invite you to check out onlinecasinobuddy.com.

Regardless, the charm of this city doesn’t wither with time and has given birth to some Guinness Book of World Records entries when it comes to jackpots and cash wins. Many of them are below, but it makes us wonder – how many more are there that never made it into official records? Here we go:

  • $14.3 Million – Rampart Casino Las Vegas
  • $17.3 Million – M Resort Henderson
  • £13.2 Million – Online
  • $21.1 Million – Cannery Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas
  • $21.3 Million – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
  • $22.6 Million – Bally’s Las Vegas
  • 17.8 million – PAF.com Online
  • $27.6 million – Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas
  • $35 Million – Desert Inn Las Vegas
  • $39.7 million – Excalibur Casino Las Vegas
  • $42.9 million – Resort World Casino New York.

$14.3 Million – Rampart Casino Las Vegas

When it comes to the biggest casino wins, we start the list with the 10th most significant win on a slot machine, which went to a player in Las Vegas’ Rampart Casino in December 2013.

They only spent $20 on the Megabucks slots machine (featured in 80% of the entries of this list!) before landing a $14.3 million jackpot. The winner chose to remain anonymous and donated a large portion of their prize to charity.

$17.3 Million – M Resort Henderson

Next on our list is the $17.3 million that a Las Vegas woman won from a slot machine. She visited the M Resort Henderson, where she won the enormous prize by using some of her free credits. This example goes to show that you should not give up until you’ve spent the very last credit you may have.

£13.2 Million – Online

A lucky soldier from Britain landed one of the biggest casino wins of all time. He won the online jackpot in 2015, worth £13.2 million. This amount was approximately $20.8 million at the time. The soldier spun the reels on Mega Moolah at Betway to win the prize. His name is Jon Hayward from Crewe, UK, and he spent only 25p to win the enormous sum.

$21.1 Million – Cannery Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas

This entry is probably the most bizarre on the list. Elmer Sherwin won $21.1 million playing Megabucks at the Cannery Casino & Hotel in 2005.

What is so fantastic about this entry on the list, you may ask? Sherwin had won the jackpot previously on the same machine, winning $4.6 million playing the game at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in 1989.

$21.3 Million – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Now we’re heading to Caesars Palace, the most well-known casino in the world. This venue is where a massive jackpot in 1999 landed in the pocket of a businessman who bet just $10 on the Megabucks slot machine. The prize was $21.3 million, making this reward one of the biggest casino wins that derived from such a small amount.

$22.6 Million – Bally’s Las Vegas

Johanna Heundl won the next big jackpot from our list. She played Megabucks at Bally’s in May 2002, and Heundl was 74 when she won the jackpot. She managed to grab the prize before breakfast, but she spent $170 attempting to reach her goal before winning the jackpot.

€17.8 million – PAF.com Online

Another win online, this time by a Finnish player spinning Mega Fortune, took place on the famous progressive slot from NetEnt. Amazingly, the lucky Finn spent only 25c to win their enormous prize. PAF.com was the venue’s name, and the Finn won the jackpot worth €17.8million, or approximately $23.6million in 2013.

$27.6 million – Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas

A lucky retiree who visited the Palace Station Casino in 1998 comes in at number three. She had intended to spend $100 but ended up spending three times that amount. It turned out to be an excellent investment since the lady also played Megabucks and won a massive prize of $27.6million. She later stated she had no idea she’d land one of the biggest casino wins of all time.

$35 Million – Desert Inn Las Vegas

Cynthia Jay Brennan is second on this list. She was 37 years old when she won a jackpot of just under $35 million in 2000. This prize once again went to a player who enjoyed the Megabucks slot.

However, it happened while Brennan was at the Desert Inn, which used to be in Wynn Las Vegas. Tragically, she sustained severe injuries in an accident that left her paralyzed just months later.

$39.7 million – Excalibur Casino Las Vegas

A lucky player from Los Angeles won the largest ever slot jackpot at Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. They decided to play Megabucks in 2003 and spent just $100 on their quest for a huge win. This win was a $39.7 million jackpot and is one of the biggest casino wins ever recorded.

Bonus Entry: $42.9 million – Resort World Casino New York

In 2016, a $42.9 million win went to a woman living in New York. The prize went to her for playing the Sphinx slot. However, an issue arose regarding claiming the jackpot amount. The case was finally closed after much legal wrangling. Prior rulings indicate that this claim was almost certain to be rejected, and the woman did not receive the prize.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to win big while playing online and land-based casino games. While some players think they have an advantage by finding the most player-friendly casino games or learning how to beat them, it is essential to remember that most casino games are random and depend on Lady Luck. When it comes to the biggest casino wins of all time, we hope you had as much fun reading about them as we had researching them.

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