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10 Crazy Facts About PUBG

Hey dear, are you fond of PUBG and a professional gamer then you will be shocked to know the 10 crazy facts about PUBG. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG has become a worldwide craze since its launch in the year 2017.

Do you know PUBG Mobile was launched in the past year for iOS and Android devices which changed the culture of gamers?

But despite being so popular, some crazy facts about the PUBGgame are still a mystery for many of the players. So here are some top 10 crazy facts about PUBG that even most hardcore fans don’t know.

Founder of PUBG

We all know this marvellous video game, but do we know the man behind it? Brendan Greene is honoured as the creator of PUBG. The Irish born game developer got the idea of making this video game after reading the Hunger Games books.

It is said that Greene did not know anything about programming and learning it in order to develop this video game. In a recent interview, Greene has said that the sequel to the game, purportedly the second part of the game that is PUBG 2 is not on the schedule.

The Story Behind The Name

The full form of PUBG is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as mentioned in the above paragraph. The name is pretty weird and not exactly relevant to the game, and there is a  reason behind it.

It is because the creator of the game Brendan Greene was also a game addict, and the name he used for his player in the games he played as Player Unknown. All of it makes some sense now. Go here for the download pubg lite pc.

The Attractive Item in the Game

The Virtual Red Bandana is one of the attractive items in the game. When the game was launched in the year 2017, the pre-orders were bundled with the item and were available in loot boxes.

After some time, the boxes stopped or rarely featured the bandana so its rarity increased manifolds. Kotaku reported the same year that a game user bought the in-game item on a very large amount of money that is US$ 1000 (Rs. 69,000).

Most Played Game All Across the Globe

PUBG holds the first rank in the world record for the most simultaneously played game of all time. Interestingly, the game broke its own record it made in the month of September of the same year.

Currently, PUBG is in the top five most played games by current count. Have you ever wonder this crazy facts about pubg before?

Concept of Winner & Chicken Dinner

Have you ever wonder the phrase “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ to appear on our screens, announcing our triumph in PUBG. But this phrase wasn’t invented by the game or its creators. It was said during the great depression, a period in the 1930s of the economic crisis in England when people used to gamble.

If they played with money and won the gamble, they could afford a chicken for dinner. With the passing of time, the phrase caught on and became what it is today. Fortunately, we don’t have to gamble to get the chicken as dinner for ourselves.

How Erangel was introduced in the game

Erangel is the most recognised and the primary map in the game. But does the name has any meaning or is it just fiction? Are you enjoing these 10 crazy facts about PUBG?

The name Erangel was taken from the creator Brendan Greene’s daughter Eryn. So mixing ‘Eryn’ with ‘Angel’ gives us one of the most recognisable places by any gamer who has played PUBG Mobile.

Bots In PUBG Mobile

If you’ve been playing PUBG Mobile for a while now, you should know that the game has bots in many places. They are AI-generated players that are purposely very bad at shooting. But why are they introduced in the game, in the first place when there is no lack of players in the game? This is said to have a total of 10 levels.

PUBG about its Advertisements

Do you know guys the parent company of PUBG for PC and other consoles, Bluehole corporation, didn’t spend any money on advertising the game. It is claimed that the word of mouth was so strong that they didn’t need to do any type of advertisement.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile is one of the first mobile video games to have its advertisements broadcasted on TV in India. This should give you an idea of how popular the game really is all across the world.

Is Pochinki Real?

If you’ve played the Erangel map in PUBG enough, there is no need to talk about what Pochinki is. The location on the map has become very famous being in the middle and having good hiding spots.

But did you have any clue that there are several rural localities in Russia named Pochinki? Yasnaya Polyana, another very famous spot on the map, is a writer’s house museum, and also the former house of famous author Leo Tolstoy. It seems to be more real than is fiction in PUBG.

PUBG Can Ban You For 100 Years

Cheating is never tolerated anywhere in the world. PUBG runs its software on the same, as many people, who intensely cheated in the game have been banned for as much as 100 years!

According to the gaming company, cheating is defined as using inappropriate programs, bug abuse, etc, and can result in a permanent ban for you. So if you get banned for 100 years, make sure your grandchildren will bring chicken dinner for you.


I hope you liked the 10 crazy facts about PUBG. If you find this article informative and any friend didn’t know these facts then share this post and help them to get it out. Have a nice day! Winner Winner chicken dinner!!

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