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10 Easy Tips You Can Follow to Keep your Home Clean Every Day

There is no huge secret to having a spotless home clean. All it takes is perseverance.

As a result, we devised a five-part strategy that focuses on the areas in your home that are most likely to accumulate dirt, grime, and clutter.

If this is all you get done in a day, consider it a huge victory, and know that you’re making the most of your homekeeping time.

1. Sort the Postal Mail

Nothing will take over your home more quickly. Nothing. First, sort through today’s mail, shredding or tossing unwanted stuff into the trash or recycling containers. Then take the rest, open each envelope, and – this is crucial – act on it. Do it immediately if you can handle it by writing a check or filling out a form.

2. Wash the Dishes in the Sink

You know how they say you should never go to bed furious in a relationship? You should never go to bed with dishes in the sink, in my opinion. Clear the way for the new day by washing what needs to be washed.

3. Clean the kitchen and bathroom counters.

This should be a simple chore with no dishes or trash mail on the counter. Wipe everything down with a wipe or rag, then…

4. Vacuum the Kitchen Floor

One cannot exist without the other. Sweep the floor clean after wiping crumbs from the counter.

5. Arrange Shoes Near the Front Door

Here’s something else that tends to multiply like mail. Every night before bed, gather the loose shoes and leave one pair by the front entrance for each person, and take every other pair to the closets and bedrooms where they belong.

6. Maintain the Stainless Steel’s Shine

Stainless steel sinks and surfaces are plagued by fingerprints, smudges, and watermarks. According to Dellutri, mineral oil can assist you conquer them. “Once a week, dab some mineral oil on a cloth and clean it down. Water is repelled by this.” The mineral oil also prevents toothpaste and other objects from clinging to the sink, making cleanup easier.

7. Make Magic Erasers Your Friends

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, which cost around $4 for a four-pack, are popular among Sardone and Dellutri. “They remove stains when nothing else would,” explains Sardone. “When you’re cleaning, have a couple in your caddy.” The Eraser, according to Dellutri, is great for cleaning walls and practically any floor surface, including wood, laminate, and tile.

8. How to Clean a Microwave Like a Pro

The inside of your microwave most likely resembles a battleground. Unfortunately, baked-on food can be difficult to remove, especially if it has been sitting for many days or more.

The trick is to enlist the assistance of the microwave. Dellutri recommends heating a coffee cup full of water in the microwave until it’s boiling hot. “This produces moisture, which loosens anything on the top, sides, or bottom of the microwave,” she explains. Then, using a moist towel, clean the surfaces.

9. Vacuuming in Rows

Dellutri’s method for effective and efficient vacuuming is as follows: Do the complete length of the room in a straight line, then move over and restart at the beginning. According to Dellutri, high-traffic areas should be vacuumed once a week.

“Vacuum in long corn rows, then exit the room,” she instructs. “You may do it quickly and put the cord over your shoulder to avoid fighting it. When you’re finished, it looks stunning.”

Speed-Clean on a regular basis.

Bojetcleaning believes that if you truly want to reduce your cleaning time, you must clean more frequently. After you’ve deep-cleaned your home, go over it every couple of weeks. It will keep the home looking great and save you the time and effort of performing several months’ worth of cleaning all at once. “You develop maintenance cleaning rather than catch-up cleaning,” she explains.

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