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10 Tips for Moving to a New Home in the Raleigh Area

Moving to a new home can be an exhilarating time in your life. You’ll have the chance to explore and decorate your new living space while also moving all the items you need to the new home. Read more about Moving to a New Home in the Raleigh Area below.

However, moving isn’t always easy. It requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips for moving into a new home in Raleigh:

1. Clear the Moving Date With Your Landlord

Before you start moving, you should talk to your landlord and get their permission for moving out. Some landlords may tell you that moving on a specific day is not allowed, while others may allow it as long as they are aware of your moving plans ahead of time. It’s also important to make sure that moving trucks will be able to access the area in front of your building on moving day.

2. Book Moving Services Beforehand

It’s tempting to call up multiple moving companies once you find out when you have to move, but doing so could cost more in the long run. If possible, book professional movers in Raleigh early. This way, you can work with moving companies that can give you quotes based on specific dates and moving services.

If you wait until moving day, all the moving trucks may be fully booked.

3. Get Rid of Unwanted Items

The moving process is very time-consuming. You’ll be moving all your personal possessions from one home to another, so you don’t want to waste time moving items that you won’t need at the new location.

That makes it a good idea to get rid of unwanted items before moving day. Throw away or sell unwanted furniture and electronics, donate clothing, and other household items. You can also get rid of things that may have sentimental value but are no longer useful to you or anyone else in your family.

4. Organize Important Documents

You should also sort through important papers and organize them into a moving binder. This will help ensure that all documents related to moving are conveniently located for easy access during the moving process.

Important moving documents include your moving diary, moving checklist, moving calendar, auto insurance information, homeowners insurance information, and itemized moving inventory. You should also print out any important contracts or agreements related to the moving process, such as moving quotes and rental agreements for your new apartment.

5. Designate Moving Helpers

While you can always hire movers if you need additional help during the moving process, you may want to consider having friends or family members help out with moving.

This could be a great opportunity for your kids or other relatives to learn about a responsible adult job like moving for the first time. They can learn how to properly load and unload furniture from moving trucks without causing damage to themselves or the items they are handling during moving day.

6. Packing Your Things Carefully

If you want to save time on moving day, make sure that you’ve packed all your belongings beforehand.

You and your moving helpers can load items into moving boxes and stack them on your moving truck ahead of time. This way, you won’t have to waste any valuable moving hours packing moving boxes and loading furniture onto the moving trucks yourself.

7. Make a Moving Schedule

Nothing is worse than moving day being delayed because you or your moving helpers took too long getting ready. To ensure that moving goes as smoothly as possible, you should discuss moving plans with friends and family members before moving day.

Make a moving schedule and assign jobs to each helper. Make sure everyone knows their moving role. That way, everyone will work quickly on moving day since there won’t be any confusion about their task.

7. Plan Your Driving Route

Once moving day rolls around, you should plan out your moving route carefully using a moving map. You can do this by carefully mapping out all the moving stops you’ll make from the old to the new home and planning how long it will take to get there.

8. Get Moving Insurance

You can’t be too careful moving all your personal belongings from one home to another. While moving companies offer moving insurance for things that get damaged during the moving process, you may still want additional moving protection in case something happens while moving due to someone’s negligence or carelessness.

For instance, if your moving helper accidentally cuts a hole through an expensive rug without taking proper care of it, you shouldn’t have to shoulder that cost on your own.

9. Follow Moving Safety Guidelines

You should keep moving safety at the forefront of your moving experience by following all moving safety guidelines and precautions. For instance, don’t try to move or lift anything too heavy that may cause injury to you or another person lifting it.

Also, make sure moving helpers stack boxes correctly so they won’t get damaged in transit. And always use a moving dolly or hand truck to transport heavier items instead of carrying them back and forth, as this can lead to injuries.

10. Assemble Your Furniture Properly

After moving into your new house, you may have to assemble a few moving boxes or moving furniture pieces. If you don’t want to spend hours putting things together, try looking online for instructions on putting items like beds and dressers together correctly.

You can also ask the moving company if they offer assembly services for a fee to save time and headache setting up your new household furniture.

Moving To a New Home With These Tips

Moving to a new home is a lot of work, but you can make moving day easier for yourself by following the moving tips listed above. Move into your new home with peace of mind and all your moving needs taken care of.

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