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11 Healthy Food Options for Your Next Corporate Event

Healthy food is a buzzword for 2021. The previous lockdown session has made us all quite aware of our unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, this year, everyone is striving to incorporate healthy food into their lifestyle. Due to this ongoing trend, most corporate catering companies in Dubai have introduced healthy and nutritious food options for their clients. Read more about the Corporate Event below.

Regardless of what type of event you’re having, good food is something your guests really look forward to. Whether you’re organizing a meeting, conference, gala, Corporate Event, networking lunch or any other corporate event, choosing the right menu is the key to success. And now with everyone becoming more health-conscious, incorporating healthy foods in your menu is a must.

Having said that, let’s explore some healthy food options that you can easily include in your work-related events. And tablecloth linens will help in decoration.

Shaken Salad

Rather than going with typical stirred salad, go for a healthier option, i.e., shaken salad. And to add a little bit of fun to your event, serve these side salads in cocktail glasses or cups instead of regular plates.

Fruit & Ice Cream Shots

Most things, when consumed in moderation, do not harm us. Well, this works perfectly for these ice cream shots. So, even though ice cream isn’t particularly healthy, you can add it to your menu. To cater to your guests’ sweet tooth, serve small portions of ice cream with toppings of healthy fruits. These ice cream shots will serve as a healthier alternative to desserts such as brownies and cheesecakes.

Cucumber Cups

A creative and excellent alternative for pastries is cucumber cups. You can fill anything you want in these healthy yet scrumptious cups. You can fill them up with assorted cheese, dark chocolate or berries with whipped cream. Save your self the time and energy of whipping cream mannually and get perfectly whipped cream using N2O cream chargers and a whipper dispenser.

Seafood Starters

Seafood and fish are popular healthy starters that you can add to your menus. So, instead of sticking with the regular high-calorie prawn cocktail, go with a lesser calorie option such as salmon, cod, tuna or oysters.

Avocado & Quinoa Sushi

Sushi is another great food option that you can include in your menu. However, rather than going with regular sushi, you can select healthier options such as sashimi. You can also make use of quinoa instead of rice to make your sushi healthier.  Another way of making the menu healthier is replacing fish with avocados and cucumbers.


Wraps are a great alternative to cut on your breaded products for an event. A wrap, basically, is a mixture of veggies, meat and salad served on a piece of bread along with different dressings. Adding them to your menu will give your buffet tables a more up-market feel than offering old-school sandwiches.   

Stuffed Peppers

Another healthful dish that you can include in your menu is stuffed peppers. Bell peppers aren’t only healthy themselves, but they also serve as a great container for carrying other food items. Furthermore, they also bring in colour and variety to the menu.

You can easily use them to stuff quinoa, couscous or rice and serve as the main course.

Hanging Fruit Fountains

Try to think a bit out of the box and make your event more fun and aesthetically appealing. Instead of going with the regular chocolate or marshmallow fondue fountains, opt for a hanging fruit tree. This way, even if you’re dipping them in chocolate, you’ll at least be having fruit underneath. Likewise, you can also replace the chocolate with a fruit juice fountain.  

Crudité Station

Another excellent option for serving veggies with a twist are crudité stations. These stations contain a variety of chopped vegetables and fruits along with a variety of dressings and hummus. Your guests can easily create their salad plate using these options. One trick that you should utilise while setting up crudité stations is to use colourful veggies to make them more appealing and appetising for the guests. 

Charcuterie Boards

A great and healthy snack that is well-suited for every event is the charcuterie boards. These boards contain all the healthy options that one needs in a complete meal from cured meats, cheese, olives, nuts, fruits, bread, condiments, everything is present there.

Meat Pops

Meat is an imperative food item for every party. And you can easily serve it healthily by minimising its serving amount and pairing it out with veggies. Whether you’re going to serve high-fat meats or leaner meats, serving it with a couple of healthy sides will make it more nutritious. You can either create meat skewers mixed with veggies or even go with tofu and pesto lollipops.   

In short, you don’t have to go overboard for making the menu of your event healthy. You can simply make a few changes and it’ll be all good to go. We hope that these healthier food alternatives will help you in choosing your menu whenever you’re planning to hire home catering services in Dubai for your next event.

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