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3 Practical Ways to Package Your CBD Edibles

The legal cannabis market is booming, which is fantastic news for cannabis edibles brands and retailers. However, it might also be bad news since there will be a lot of competition for both differentiation (branding) and marketing products. Read about Ways to Package Your CBD Edibles below.

One might picture the usual snack packaging, but it is perfectly alright to think beyond the norm. To set yourself apart from the competitive clutter, you will need to come up with distinctive packaging.

There are various packaging methods for preserving your cannabis edibles. Which one will make you stand out the most?

Let’s take a look at the top 3 practical ways to package your CBD edibles that help you keep products fresh while giving you lots of opportunities for unique branding:

Aluminized Mylar Bags with Clear Windows

When it comes to cannabis edibles packaging, the biggest challenge will be protecting your products from external factors such as moisture, air, and dust. However, when using aluminized Mylar bags with a transparent window, this will no longer be a big issue.

These bags can be upgraded to be childproof or with a tamperproof seal to keep products secure. They also have a smell-proof mechanism and multiple barrier layers that preserve the product’s flavor and aroma.

You can always choose to get Mylar bags or pouches that are opaque all the way around. However, using a bag with a see-through window works exceptionally well for the edibles market since the clear parts will help to showcase the color, texture, and shape of your edible products.

If you are looking for a simple but sleek packaging design that allows consumers to see the contents, these bags are your best bet. You can get creative with how the bags are built by playing around with the clear windows and designing around that space.

Kraft Paper Bags

If you require high-quality cannabis packaging, kraft paper bags and pouches are good options. Kraft paper is thicker than plastic, so it has a nice weight to it. Cannabis and hemp product bags made of brown kraft paper have a nice feel to the touch and are pretty sturdy, leading consumers to conclude that the items they purchase are of higher quality.

Furthermore, brown kraft bags will always look more natural than plastic or foil due to the material. This choice can improve your product’s positioning and branding in that this aesthetic will always be associated with organic and natural.

Imagine printing the exact design you would have printed on white or silver foil on brown kraft. Concerning branding and packaging design, choosing this material truly transforms the associations and actual feel of your packaging.

Coin Envelopes/Small Flat Pouches

So tiny foil barrier envelopes might seem strange for cannabis sweets, but we’re trying new things, right? Since coin envelopes are small and compact, they can be ideal for small cannabis edibles that aren’t too waxy or oily. These small pouches would be perfect for lozenges or hard chocolates.

Although they may appear diminutive, this simply means you have a format where you can regulate the dose in each packet, as many states require cannabis edibles to be packed separately according to THC dosage.

In terms of marketing and sales, these are perfect for testing the market and sampling campaigns with smaller amounts of product while being able to trial more product flavors or variants.


The packaging decisions you make for your CBD edibles are crucial to your product’s success in the market.

Packaging that stands out is essential in this industry where there will undoubtedly be many competitors, with competitors who also are keen on creating novel branded packaging. However, the kind and quality of your packaging might increase the final cost of your products. As a result, you’ll need packaging that is eye-catching yet practical to help you get the most out of your budget.

Do not forget to add a certified child-resistant zipper to whatever packaging you choose to prevent minors from accessing the contents. Protecting children is every manufacturer and consumer’s responsibility.

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