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3 qualities to look for when browsing Phoenix homes for sale as a retired couple

If you are an older couple who is looking to relocate to warmer weather, then moving to Phoenix is a good point. Although New York City can be tempinting for young actresses and Los Angeles can be a good idea for those who are trying to make it in Hollywood, choosing Phoenix, Arizona is one of the best places to move to as an older retired couple who is looking to take advantage of the outdoor activities and the weather.

Although city life can be quite interesting and bustling for the younger crowd, a safe, amenity-laden, and perfectly-outlined house can be the ideal choice for older couples who are looking to enjoy the simple things in life. If this sounds like you and your husband/wife, then looking at Phoenix homes for sale can be your best bet !

Safe neighborhood

As an older person, you need to be careful of robberies, home invasions, and assaults. Although it is uncommon for older people to be robbed in broad daylight, it is common for the prowlers to lurk at night – no matter where you live. Finding a safe neighborhood that has extra security – such as a doorman, 24/7 surveillance or security cameras – is the safest option for older couples who are looking to enjoy their freedom. After all, even though you are a retired couple, this doesn’t mean that you are an invalid! You are still going to do outdoor things and enjoy being active – but you still need to put your safety first, just like a family with children or a young woman would do. 

Find neighborhoods that are known for their safety and security features, such as Ahwatukee Foothills, Deer Valley, North Gateway, North Mountain Village, or South Mountain Village. All of these options have much lower crime rates than you would find in other Phoenix neighborhoods – South Mountain Village is safer than almost 30% of all other neighborhoods in the Phoenix metro area!

Nearby amenities

If you’re getting older, you might find it less sensible to spend 30 minutes or an hour driving or taking public transportation to the supermarket. Make sure that all of the necessary amenities for your life are within a short walking distance or bus ride, such as the grocery store, home department store, door’s office, and pharmacy.

Close to outdoor amenities

Even though you are retired, this doesn’t mean that you are going to spend the entire day in your house. Especially if you are looking at Phoenix homes for sale you are going to find lots of properties that are close to nearby parks and walking trails. Staying active as you get older is key to having a healthy and happy life – make sure you browse Phoenix homes for sale that are close to outdoor amenities and attractions!


If you’re browsing Phoenix homes for sale as a retired couple, markers you find neighborhoods that are safe, providing you with a better peace of mind and added layers of security. Along with added safety, consider browsing Phoenix homes for sale that are close to outdoor activities and the nearby amenities in your community! 

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