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3 Reasons to Visit the Dentist

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis should be part of an individual’s overall health care. Just as one might visit their primary care doctor for an annual wellness visit, it is important that one’s oral care be just as closely monitored. However, many individuals avoid scheduling dental appointments due to anxiety, fear of discomfort or previous traumatic experiences. Remembering the advantages of going to the dentist can serve as an incentive and increase the likelihood that such visits will not be ignored.

Preventative Care

Individuals are taught proper oral hygiene habits at a very young age. Despite one’s best efforts to maintain an effective cleaning routine, supplemental professional services may still be required. Dentists can assist in removing the buildup of any tartar or plaque that could potentially lead to the development of gum disease, tooth decay or cavities.

Smile Enhancement

Even after a dental cleaning, is not uncommon for some individuals to feel self-conscious about their smile. Those that commonly eat highly acidic foods or heavily indulge in refreshments such as coffee, wine and soda can gradually stain the color of their teeth over time. Using teeth whitening Happy Valley Oregon services may be the ideal solution to combating this problem. Teeth whitening can help brighten teeth to create a more vibrant and natural look.

Surgical Intervention

What an individual may perceive as a simple toothache could possibly be the indication of a more serious issue. If an infection in the tooth has occurred, it may be necessary for the doctor to treat the issue by removing compromised teeth or by performing a root canal. A dentist can also create implants or dentures to replace any missing teeth.

Dentists provide a variety of services that cater to the maintenance of a healthy mouth and enhance the aesthetic appeal of one’s smile. Visit us today for complete dental care and solutions from dentist Eugene OR.

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