3 Types Of Compensation For Various Elder Abuses!

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Maltreatment of elders is a rising issue in today’s world. According to the national council on the aging survey, about one in ten people above 50 or older have suffered from elder abuse.

Every action or intention of a powerful person that aims to harm the elder emotionally, physically, and financially is counted as elder abuse. Elder abuse exists in many forms, for example, emotional torture, physical maltreatment, sexual assaults, etc. But regardless of the type of elder abuse, each kind of abuse to the elder is emotionally and mentally devastating.

In most elder abuse cases, the victim remains silent because the perpetrator of the abuse is his close family member or someone more powerful than him. But silence is not the solution because if the victim doesn’t call out loud for his right, he will continue to suffer until death. Elder abuse is so troubling and devastating that it can cause serious damage to the physical and emotional health of the victim.

Thus, close one of the victims can gently prompt him to speak about it. The victim’s family often neglects the signs of various forms of maltreatment with elders, leading to further complications. Thus the victim must take immediate action after the victim’s family recognizes the signs of abuse and assaults. The victim’s family can consult a personal injury lawyer for elder abuse to take legal guidance and assistance.

Boca Raton Elder abuse attorneys are well-experienced and professional lawyers of elder abuse that can lead the victim’s family to claim a lawsuit against the perpetrators of abuse and recover suitable compensation from perpetrators for the damages to the victim.

Types of compensation for elderly abuses

Elderly abuses are of different forms, and each form has its compensation claims. Here are some types of compensation for elderly abuses.

Physical damages

Physical abuse of the elderly is very common in older houses built for the care of vulnerable elders. Physical maltreatment of elders is also happing in houses by the close family members of the victims. According to the law system, elder abuse is a serious crime, and the perpetrators of such crime should be punished by the justice system accordingly.

The victim of physical abuse can also claim financial damages in case of medical treatment and other medical bills. If the physical torture on the victim is too grievous and causes the victim’s death, the perpetrator would be awarded up to ten years of imprisonment and financial charges.

Financial damages

When a close family member or other person defrauded an older person and took financial advantage of him without his concern, he would be answerable to the law. Financial damage, fraud, forceful occupation of property, money, etc., are legally forbidden, and the victimizer of such crime would face a serious lawsuit in court.

Older people who became victims of financial damages by their family members or colleagues should consult with a Boca Raton elder abuse attorney. A knowledgeable and intellectual lawyer will guide the victim of financial abuse to claim damages from the perpetrators.

Emotional damages

Emotional assault of older people in nursing homes and hospitals is the most happening incident. Older people are kept in nursing homes for greater care and medical treatment. But unfortunately, some nurses torture older people both physically and emotionally.

Elders in nursing homes, hospitals, or even houses are too vulnerable and sensitive to emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is of various forms, such as verbally abusing elders, neglecting, using slang, passing harsh comments, etc. Emotional abuse has a very negative impact on older people’s mental health. Victims of emotional abuse suffer from various psychological consequences such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc.

Psychological damages also hurt the physical health of the victims. For example, victims of emotional damage also suffer from sleeplessness disorders, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, weight loss, etc. Victims of emotional damages can contact a personal injury lawyer and claim emotional damages from the perpetrators.

Sum up

The maltreatment of elders is a serious crime that needs to be stopped by whoever witnesses it in their surroundings. In whatever form the elder abuse might be, the victimizer of such crime would be sentenced to serious punishment by the justice system. Both victims of elder abuse and the witness of elder abuse need to take a legal step to stop the abuser.

If the victim remains silent and doesn’t call out for the abuse, the abuser will continue abuses, which might cause serious consequences. Whether the elder is emotional, financial, or physical, the victim can claim damages from the victimizer accordingly. Contact now 561-867-4117 to set a free appointment with a Boca Raton elder abuse attorney.

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