4 Legit Reasons Why Owning Could be Better than Renting in 2021


Relocation can be an outcome of various reasons. It can either be due to a better job opportunity on the far side of the city. Or maybe you’re just planning to sell your house fast and move to a better locality with the services more suited to your lifestyle. Amid this relocation planning, the most important question that lingers in your mind is whether to rent or own a house. Read about Legit Reasons Why Owning Could be Better than Renting below.

Being truly honest, buying a house is a huge expense – from the down payment, mortgage, agent’s commission to moving expenses and property taxes. But, aside from this specific turn-off, owning a home offers you a plethora of benefits over renting. Although the final decision remains up to your current financial status and individual likes or dislikes. We’ve listed out some legitimate reasons for being a homeowner rather than a tenant in 2021:

A home lease agreement in New jersey residential lease agreement enforceable contract between a landlord and a renter. A contract like this has a one-year validity period. The most common conventional lease agreement for renting out residential premises to tenants is this one.

1. Long-term Investment

No matter how hard the expenses of buying can go on you, they do pay off well in the longer run. Homeownership proves to be an efficient long-term investment, something that renting lacks at its core. Sure, you have to pay a mortgage, sometimes spanning over decades. But owning a home makes sure that every single buck you pay eventually allows you to own the property you live in. Even if your mortgage plan covers 20 years of time, you will be able to sell the property at the end, that too for a much higher price.

2. Build Wealth and Gain Equity

Buying a home helps you establish equity over time. Likewise, it’s an effective way to build wealth as well. The real estate values continue to increase with the passage of time. Owing a property allows you to exploit the real estate market trends in the best possible way. Your investment today has the potential to give thousands of dollars in return, given the rising trends. According to the estimate of a private investment company, a has been noted in the median sales price of a property in just one year. Imagine the worth-added to your home every year and a fitting opportunity to build equity. Being a tenant, you can only fantasize about this privilege.

3. Surge in Rents

Rental payments often increase dramatically and the trend will most likely continue. So much so, that the studies on rising trends have concluded that costs of rents are expected to increase faster as compared to the average income. It’s only a matter of time before we buy houses tulsa.

Even if the trend somehow impedes, you can’t expect your landlord to hold back on a formal increase in rent upon the renewal of the lease agreement. So, buying a house seems more appropriate given this unreal hike in rents.

4. Customization

What is the use of living in a place where you can’t make customizable changes? Well, being a renter, your landlord won’t ever allow you to personalize the kitchen & bathroom, and rightly so. With the privilege of your own house, you can make as many changes as you want. For instance,

  • . You can turn that additional spare room into your workspace if you’re working from home.
  • . You can also turn your empty garage into a music room or a mini-studio.
  • . You can imply new paint colors to revamp the hallway, living room, and bedrooms.
  • . You can also implement customization in landscaping: fertilize your lawn, grow organic vegetables, and . build a flower bed anywhere around the lawn.

However, we would suggest not to go too far with home customization if (and only if) you have plans to sell my house fast Tulsa in the future.

beautiful country house, garden with ornamental trees and plants, flat lawn and landscaping. Garden trees and evergreen conifers


With all of these pros at your disposal, homeownership certainly seems the ideal approach. If you have enough credit up your sleeves to finance the down payment and closing costs, employ a professional lender and get the best mortgage plan right now. Sell my house fast tulsa is a time to build equity and add value to your own assets rather than to that of your landlord.

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