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4 Most Affordable And Durable Laundry Room Cabinet Options

Laundry rooms are actually the most neglected part of every home. And they lack ample storage. Moreover, the specific laundry area itself is so narrow. Thus, the major space is occupied by washing machines and dryers. There is also one utility sink there too.

 In addition, laundry room cabinets must bear the storage burden. So, the cabinets must be of durable material, affordable price, and spacious design. Fabuwood Cabinets look so trendy and they are affordable too. Here are some other styles of laundry room cabinets. Such as;

 List Of Content:

  • Wall Style Cabinets
  • Open Shelf Cabinets
  • Base Cabinets
  •  Mobile Cabinets
  • Where To Buy An Affordable Laundry Room Cabinet?
  • Conclusion

Wall Style Cabinets:

A lot of activity in the laundry room occurs mainly at the counter-level or lower. Moreover, the upper portion of the walls is an ideal point for hanging cabinets. So, economy-grade wall cabinets are used as building materials for the best Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets. Thus, A-grade plywood cabinets with wood veneer.


Now all the cabinets are up and out of the way. Moreover, they are known as more durable and timeless than lower cabinets. They also bear extensive activity as well. And the water activity will also not affect the wall cabinets.

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Fabuwood cabinets of wall style for the laundry room means they have a diverse range of styles. So, you can also save money with lower price surfaces like thermoplastic or melamine.

Moreover, high-cost hardwood veneers give a very premium and sleek finishing touch to the laundry room.

Cost Of Wall Cabinets:

The price range starts from $250 to $400. For ready-to-install two-door wall cabinets in hardwood veneer.


  • Make the wasted space quite valuable
  • Tuck it neatly


  • Quite shallow 
  • Hard to reach for shorter height people

Open Shelf Cabinets:

You can even simply create an open shelf cabinet with easy DIY steps. So, open-shelf laundry room cabinets give a quicker and budget-friendly hack. To store all your vital laundry room essentials.


They are safe from daily hectic traffic and painful bumps and bangs. Moreover, the upper open shelf cabinets are super durable. And they have great timeless features. However, make sure to only burden the wall in its weight limit. To avoid any collapse of damage to walls and items.


This style of cabinets creates a very airy and spacious look in a narrow laundry room. So, they also promote the items visually present on them. Thus, you can place all your laundry essentials like detergents and soaps. And you can also place clothes, linens, etc.

Cost Of Open Shelf Cabinets:

So, prices range from $80 to $100 up to several hundred dollars for custom-built cabinets/shelf units.


  • Faster access
  • A clear view of items on them


  • Odd and hazardous items on a display
  • Items may fall out

Base Cabinets:

As the name suggests they are set up on the floor. And they are a consistent addition to your laundry room. Moreover, the base cabinets are of great benefit in a larger laundry room. You can rest your countertop over them. In addition, you can also set up the washer and dryer over the counter to create more working space.


Base cabinets are the name of anchor and support. They are a resilient part of the laundry room. Moreover, base cabinets can get damaged in case of flooding or water spills.


They actually enhance the overall appeal of your whole laundry room. Moreover, there is a wide variety of base cabinets styles and trends. You can choose the best one. Thus, a great variety of cabinets like hardwood veneers like oak, walnut, maple, birch, etc.

Cost Of Base Cabinets:

Range from $300 to $500 in hardwood veneer.


  • Dense storage space
  • Act as an anchor to countertops and appliances


  • Highly bulky and gather so much space
  • Use immense floor space.

Mobile Cabinets:

They are perfect for small laundry rooms. So, they come in a wide variety of choices. Like small-wheeled cabinets to large-size cabinets. Thus, are perfect for renters and for people with flexible choice. 

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Mobile cabinets are poorly made sometimes. So, shop carefully for top-quality materials and constructions. Thus, to make them durable solutions for your laundry room.


They are more into functionality than attractive outlook. So, they have plants in drawers, shelves, etc. Mainly made of plastic, metal, and laminated MDF.

Cost Of Mobile Cabinets:

Ranges from $20 to $100


  •  Highly flexible and mobile to move in any place of need
  • Highly affordable


  • Have zero resales worth
  • Cause physical obstacles

Where To Buy An Affordable Laundry Room Cabinet?

So, now the quest to resolve is buying genuine material and durable cabinets. Which can withstand the moisture of laundry rooms. Thus, there is one premium point: The Columbus Cabinet City in the USA. They sell top-notch, durable material cabinets. They have a wide range of cabinet designs. Moreover, the best one is Fabuwood Cabinets, called the name of class and elegance.


The best laundry cabinet is not one. There are perks and cons to every cabinet design. Moreover, prefer cabinets of premium material, functional outlook, and trendy style. So, they can withstand the extremes of the laundry room. And the narrow space of it. There are wall cabinets, base cabinets, etc. And there is one trendiest fabuwood cabinet design. Thus, it is not only stylish but affordable and durable too.

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