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5 Common Home Things Puppies Find Alarming!

Puppies are cute little creatures learning about the human world little by little through your company. They have just started their life’s journey observing and understanding things around them. While some of them are easy to comprehend, a few others might seem strange. For example, these little pups remain coy yet curious when they find something harmless, like a fur toy. Yet, at the same time, they would fill your ears with puppy barks if they sense a thing as a potential threat.

However, your tiny paw friend’s reactions to a few things when they confront them for the first time are even cute. Puppies get scared or puzzled looking at certain things you use in daily life. We, humans, know they are inanimate, but our friends from the puppy world aren’t too sure of it. They may end up hurting themselves by engaging in combat with some household objects. Have puppy insurance to cover your pet’s vet visit and medical care costs if they get too curious and ingest something they shouldn’t or injure themselves accidentally.

Top rated pet insurance supports your puppy with testing, diagnosis and high-quality medical treatments. Every pet parent should purchase a policy so they don’t need to compromise on their pet’s healthcare. Anyway, there are several ways to reassure your puppy that some things we usually use are harmless and there is nothing to be anxious about. Regular exposure and reassurance is one method. Help your puppy get over their fear or confusion, so they grow up to be more confident.

Here are five familiar things puppies construe as perils at home!

Wall Mirrors

Puppies find these objects used by humans baffling. When they pass by a mirror or look at themselves in it, a question haunts them deep down – where did the other twin puppy come from? Do I have to deal with another puppy in the home? They move around or circle the mirror, hoping to catch the other puppy they can see. The entire episode seems to be entertaining for us humans, but puppies wonder how it is possible.


The question puppies may have for television is – you don’t move around, but how is it that you talk? A television might get puppies all worked up as they can see and hear things on this object. They get even more curious when they watch other puppies or pets on screen. Try watching a pet wonder show with your fur friend to check their startling reactions!

Smartphones and Web Cams

Connect with your pet at home on a video call when you are out for work. Your puppy would love to watch you on the phone and listen to your voice. Even so, the question remains – I can see my parents; she isn’t here, I can’t touch her, but I can hear her. How is it possible? It is a splendid scene to witness your puppy pawing the phone or pet webcam, trying to find you. Can you see how your puppy friend gets confused?


While some puppies get scared of it, a few others perceive it as a new toy at home. The puppies who get frightened at the fast-sweeping movements either run away from it or engage in puppy barks to chase it away.

Vacuum Equipment

The considerable noise vacuum cleaners make can shock young puppies. Get your puppy to understand it is a cleaning machine and nothing more. Maybe you can trade in some treats when using this artificial thing, so your puppy doesn’t bark every time you turn it on!

We hope your puppy doesn’t get into a brawl with any of these objects and injure itself. However, as a pet parent, you need to be more vigilant when puppies and these objects are in the same area. Get puppy insurance to safeguard your puppy’s health in case of any accidents. Top-rated pet insurance helps you provide quality medical care to your puppy and save some money in your wallet.

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