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5 Common PDF Accessibility Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Almost half of all Americans began working remotely in 2020. Read about PDF Accessibility Mistakes below.

Even many companies that still did business on paper had to pivot to remote operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This sent IT departments scrambling to set up proper security privileges and rules for remote workers.

Accurate accessibility is critical to protecting business data. But if you know what mistakes not to make, you can be sure it’s done right.

Here are five common PDF accessibility mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Using Unsafe Networks

We’ve all been there. You’re at the local coffee shop because the wifi is out at home or you have a quick meeting and decide to get some work done. With easy access to company files, why not quickly get what you need?

That brief review of a file can allow wrongdoers to access data if you are not on a private network. This is why access to PDFs should be limited to secure networks only. Convenience is not worth the headaches that a security breach can cause.

2. Providing Too Much Access

A common mistake that many businesses make is not limiting who can access which files. Allowing open access could result in someone mistakenly or intentionally editing or deleting important data.

To prevent this, your file management team may want to employ a PDF editor in C# to limit editing access. When the right people have the right access, data is more secure.

3. Sharing PDFs Without Proper Security

Accessing PDFs through a secure internet connection is critical. But sharing PDFs through a secure platform is also important. 

It may be tempting to send along a document in a quick email. However, hackers can intercept files and obtain data in PDF documents this way.

When setting up security procedures, ensure that remote workers have a different, secure platform to exchange documents.

4. Not Backing Up Paper Documents

Many accessibility issues are caused by offering too much access. Offering too little access can destroy productivity as well.

Businesses that have always been paper-based should complete an audit of all important documents. Then these documents should be scanned as PDFs to ensure employees have easy access.

5. Poor Organizing and Indexing of Files

Another way that businesses can fail to provide the right access to employees is with poor organization. Employees cannot effectively do their jobs if files are not located in an obvious space or names on files don’t match the data within.

Ensuring files are well organized and named will not only give employees an upper hand. It will also ensure that files are not deleted by mistake.

PDF Accessibility Mistakes Solved

By being aware of these PDF accessibility mistakes, you can prevent them from occurring in your workplace. You’ll be able to keep data secure and ensure employees have what they need to do the job right.

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