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5 Content Marketing Types to Sink Your Teeth Into

Have you ever felt that there is so much content out there, it’s difficult to find your place in it?

Whether you are a business, brand, or influencer the content you produce matters. How do you find your voice with all these different content marketing types?

From blogging to podcasting, each comes with its set of planning and producing challenges. To find the right medium for your marketing campaign, you’ll want to stick around.

Read our content below to see if one or more will be the right choice for you and your team.

1. Blogs

Blogging began in 1994 and remains one of the top content marketing types. A high-quality blog post will not only improve SEO but build organic traffic to your site.

When you write and build a decent following through blogging, you have a business in your hands. By staying organized and structured through your writing, promoting products just became that much simpler.

When you give your customers some content bacon to chew on, they’ll keep coming back for more.

2. Videos

If you want to quickly engage a potential customer, use videos. The attention span of people is much shorter in the age of the internet. Use this to your advantage when brainstorming content marketing types.

There is a personal touch with video content that other types simply can’t match. The key is to create something that looks good but is also informational or educational. You’ll want to produce and upload your videos consistently too.

As such a versatile medium, feel free to experiment with multiple styles and approaches too.

3. Podcasts

If you’re looking for relatively new content marketing types, you ought to try your hand at a podcast. There is so much possibility to leverage your content and products through podcasting. A simple mic and camera setup is all you need to get started too.

If you can strike the right balance between showing your brand’s personality through podcasting, you’re golden. Carving out a niche is an excellent approach as well. To bring even more exposure, you can bring guests onto the show as well.

4. eBooks

Have you ever written a long blog post? If so, you may want to think about turning that article into an eBook. Provide a potential customer with useful and valuable information in the eBook format.

Strive to create an impactful punch by keeping it on the shorter side with keywords and clean copy.

5. Infographics

An infographic is an exciting and creative way to shake up your marketing campaign.

Sometimes it’s easier for people to visualize data rather than reading plain text. By using bright and bold colors, you will capture the attention and imagination of people.

An infographic is a low-cost strategy that will generate leads for your business. Aim for something eye-catching, simple, and informative from a survey or study. Once you have the infographic file, feel free to upload it to Instagram, your Twitter page, or blog post.

What Content Marketing Types Will You Choose?

The beauty of these content marketing types is that you can always choose between them. Perhaps your audience is more audio-driven, you can go with a podcast. If they are visual, a video will suffice.

If you love sinking your teeth into all things content, check out the rest of our blog!

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