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5 guidelines for choosing an evening dress

Styling tips to find the best evening dress for the holidays.

On the one hand, the evening dress should be elegant in more sober fabrics and colors, but in accordance with your daily image so that it does not seem that you are dressed up and, above all, you have to be comfortable to be able to move with ease and elegance . Therefore, even if it is a difficult dress to wear , if you feel beautiful, elegant and comfortable with it, it will be the right one . In addition, you must choose the evening dress that best suits you, you must take into account aspects such as your skin and hair tones, your type of figure, height, etc.

We give you the keys to get your evening dress right!

Choosing prom dresses is a personal bet in which many factors intervene: your personality, age, type of event, place of celebration, time of year …

When we choose a dress, all women look for the same thing, we want that dress to make us feel good, special and elegant. The dress should reflect our personality and highlight our best features.

The first advice is always the same: look for a ball gown with which you feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, elegant and original .

Spring is one of the favorite seasons for the couple to say ‘yes I accept’. The temperatures are becoming more pleasant and, therefore, you can wear party dresses a little lighter. When you receive the invitation to a marriage, you are sure to be overwhelmed with joy at the good news, although the dreaded question also comes: what should I wear? On this occasion, we are going to give you the infallible tricks so that you can choose the party dress that best fits the shape of your body. And it is not enough to select a beautiful dress, but it must suit your figure perfectly.

1. Colors

If you have a dark complexion, choose light colors that highlight your skin and your silhouette. Forget the brown tones. If your skin is fair, white and light or pastel colors will not suit you at all. Better opt for strong and lively tones.

2. Neckline

As for the neckline, if you have a large bust, the most appropriate are square-shaped like the halter (joined by a strap behind the neck), or one with short sleeves or wide straps. If you have a small chest, the ideal is a strapless model or a pronounced V-shaped neckline. You can also choose a closed dress.

3. Figure

If you want to highlight your curves, choose a fabric such as satin or silk. If not, the best is a straight dress with an empire cut, with a good fall that begins below the chest, avoiding those that are tight at the waist.

4. Sleeves

If you have thick arms or they are not your strong point, opt for dresses with French or three-quarter sleeves, they are the ones that stylize the most!

5. Height

If you are a tall girl you can choose any length, but if you are small, avoid very long dresses as they will make you look even shorter.

All the dresses are special, a short or long ball gown , depending on the moment, simple or spectacular according to your own personality. All are designed and thought down to the last detail to fulfill a mission: to make us shine in a special moment.

You already know that knowing what your body is like is the first step in choosing the perfect party dress. By knowing which colors, styles, and textures are most flattering, you can get right to the point !

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