5 Things Physiotherapists Wish You Did


Professionals recommend various health tips because they know how important they are in your overall health and recovery process. If you follow their instructions keenly, you will improve the general well-being of your body.

In most cases, if you don’t adhere to the instructions, you will see little or no improvement in your health, and thus you may give up on the treatment plan. Here are five essential things that physiotherapists want you to do.

1.    Be Aware of Your Posture

A poor posture can lead to severe health conditions in the future unless you are ready to take action today. According to physiotherapists, it is vital to be aware of your posture when sitting down or lifting a heavy object.

Ensure that your posture supports a natural spine alignment and thus ensure you are not exerting too much pressure on your back. Ensure that the weight is evenly distributed when you lift something heavy, so you don’t strain your back and knees.

2.    Control Your Weight

Being obese puts a lot of pressure on your joints, leading to chronic pain in the future. A physiotherapist will advise. That is why losing weight is encouraged when you experience knee or back pain.

If you cannot do it on your own due to poor dietary choices and lack of motivation, you can seek support from your family and friends. A professional physiotherapist can help you make an exercise plan that will help you lose weight.

3.    Be Active Across Your Whole Life

You cannot stay dormant for years and expect that a few months of exercising and clean eating will undo the damage you have caused. That is why a physiotherapy professional will advise you to stay active throughout your life if you want to remain strong and independent even in your old age.

4.    Don’t Endure Pain

The earlier you receive a sports massage in Singapore, the faster your injuries will heal. Physiotherapists recommend that you should seek help as soon as possible for quick results. Do not put up with knee pain, shoulder pain, and back pain for weeks before seeking help.

When you feel severe pain or get injured, take a few days to rest. Also, schedule a physiotherapy session to receive the necessary support you need for injury rehabilitation.

5.    Invest In Good Exercise Gear

Exercising is essential, but it is crucial to do so in the appropriate gear. Therefore when physiotherapy creates an exercising plan for you, ensure you buy the correct gear so that you don’t worsen your injuries or develop new ones. Additionally, you should also have the proper gear before participating in any sport to prevent injuries.


Physiotherapy can transform your life, but you must be willing to listen to the physiotherapist and put in the work to see results. Additionally, like any other health professional, a physiotherapist cannot help you unless they know what you need. So be prepared to open up to the physiotherapist, and you will be amazed by the benefits you will reap.

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