5 Things to Confirm When Buying Long Sleeve T-Shirts


It’s said that the dressing should be in a way that people address it easily. Outfits also speak louder about the individual personality. In comparison to women, men’s fashion is still limited and generally plays around with one clothing that is a shirt. In reality, every fashion house curates new styles in just one piece of clothing. One may easily find from half sleeve to long-sleeve t-shirts in their wardrobe. Moreover, over 70 percent of men love wearing long-sleeve tees. So, making a wrong buying decision may make men feel a bit shattered as they already have limited clothing. Plus, the wrong choice can take all the fashion & personality away. Of course, nobody desires that, so let’s learn 5 essential considerations when buying long-sleeve tees. 

➤Personal Style

There are people who don’t follow the crowd or in-fashion style. They just want to be themselves. So, for such personalities, it’s suggested to pick the t-shirt that reflects their personality as it will add the charm which one will not get by following an ongoing style. 

➤Body Type

Another blunder that men generally make while choosing cloth is not paying heed to their bodies. Just seeing a celebrity wearing a t-shirt should not influence the mind. Firstly, always be certain that it suits the individual personality and be particular about the body type. For instance, looking for a long-sleeve white t-shirt ensures the neckline; a plunging neckline is for the men who have a well-maintained upper body as their chest gets highlighted. 


There are certain fabrics that one should always maintain a distance, no matter how appealing the attire looks. Another thing when deciding on the material is the season. Cotton or Pima Cotton is the best choice one can ever make for humid and hot temperatures. Synthetic fabric works favorably in monsoon and knitted fabrics during winter. 

➤Add Versatility

The best part about men’s t-shirts is that they are incredibly versatile. One can wear it for any occasion with just one long sleeve t-shirt. However, the right kind of style plays a key role. For example, long-sleeved tees with rugged jeans and sneakers are an ideal day look which one can flare for shopping or a movie. For dressing formally, pair formal trousers and shoes. Tuck the shirt and hair nicely to have an appealing formal look. 

➤One’s Preferred Palette

Another vital consideration is the preferred palette. Putting in other words, every person has a different choice of colors. Generally, men prefer neutral & subtle shades. These shades can go for many occasions. But some men love bold & bright colors. It’s better to get the one which is our favorite color as it has a massive impact on our personality. 

Final Words

The five critical pointers must not be overlooked as they will help the buyer to make the right choice. In addition, Perk is one of the reputed shopping stores that has an immense collection of long-sleeve t-shirts. By keeping the above factors, shop from this reliable store.

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