5 Top Benefits of Composite Timber Decking

5 Top Benefits of Composite Timber Decking

Most property owners have realized the importance of composite timber decking. Outdoor living enthusiasts have particularly been impressed by its high aesthetic value and low maintenance. Composite decking is usually made of recycled plastic and wood fibers. It’s commonly called wood plastic composite. It’s an eco-friendly decking solution since it contains at least 90% recycled wastes.

There are several kinds of composite timber decks with different features, and that come from different manufacturers. The most common composite timber decks are HD Deck Dual, HD XS Fire, HD Deck X5, and Habitat Wood Composite Decking. Composite wood decking has many benefits, as explained below:

1. Requires low maintenance

The installation of composite timber decks is quick, easy, and straightforward. On the other hand, its maintenance is also quite easy. Generally, composite timber decking requires very little to no maintenance practices compared to other forms of decking. For instance, wooden decks should be stained, sealed, and sanded from time to time to keep their original finish. Their boards should also be replaced after a while. All these can be costly and time-consuming. Composite timber decks will maintain their original finish and shape in the long run without having to replace or seal them. The only thing you’ll do is clean them using soapy water to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust.

2. Durability

Composite timber decks are very durable. It doesn’t warp, split or crack easily compared to other forms of decking. Its strength comes as a result of the combination of timber and plastic. Composite timber decks can withstand all kinds of weather elements. This means that you can have it installed anywhere, regardless of the local climate.

3. It’s an eco-friendly decking solution

Composite timber decking is environmentally friendly compared to timber decking. Generally, composite timber decks are made up of recycled materials, wood fibers, and some additives. Considering composite timber decks means that trees will be spared, and plastic wastes won’t litter the surroundings.

4. Improves aesthetic value

Composite timber decks are made using stylish and unique patterns that can improve the aesthetic value of your property’s exteriors. They usually have a uniform and clean finish. Additionally, they come in a wide range of colors which can easily complement your general home style and retain its elegance.

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5. It doesn’t allow mold and mildew growth

Composite timber decks usually have some protective caps. These caps help to keep moisture away, which favors the growth of mold and mildew. Keeping mold and mildew away means that there’ll be no health risk for those around your home.

These are the top benefits of composite timber deckings. It also helps in improving the value of a property by increasing its resale value. Although its initial installation cost might be a bit higher than timber decking, it’s worth the investment in the long run since you won’t incur annual upkeep costs. Composite timber decking is also safe compared to traditional timber decking. Provided that there’s proper installation, there are fewer risks of accidents that can cause injury.

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