5 Top Home Security Trends to Be Aware of

5 Top Home Security Trends to Be Aware of

Your home is supposed to be safe and comfortable. It should be somewhere you can relax without worrying about insecurity from the outside world. That means you have to be updated on current home security issues. However, that can be challenging, seeing how fast technology keeps changing. To help you, here are the top 2021 security trends you need to include in your home for enhanced safety. 

Internet of Things (IoT) integration

This has been among the top trends in home security systems as it lays out the basics of how home security systems operate. When it comes to security, IoT is a system of sensors, devices, and other things connected via the internet to collect information, analyze it, and transfer it. Over the years, customers have been demanding better integration plus a way to use various smart devices together. Due to that, in the coming years, cross-platform security devices integration is likely to be massive. 

Video Surveillance and Voice Control

In residential properties, video surveillance continues to gain popularity, sweeping the market. From smart doorbells with video monitoring to voice control and audio options, these are some popular trends in home security systems. Aside from the doorbells, there are different options for a home security system. You can choose a fully equipped system from a single security system provider or integrator or single devices from different security providers. If you are unsure of what to get and are looking for more info, ask the provider and see which one meets your needs. This will help you make a decision quickly. 

Environmental Monitoring Detectors

One of the major fire safety tips you should keep up with is ensuring that carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are working. This can help ensure your family and property are safe. However, air quality and fire detection should not be the only environmental security issues you are concerned about. Heavy rain, big storms, and freezing temperatures can all lead to floods in your basement or any other part of your home. Consider getting a flood detector for peace of mind. It can sense moisture levels in your homes and can therefore warn you of potential flooding, whether from a faulty appliance or a busted pipe. 

DIY Smart Home Security Systems

In recent years there has been a rise in smart home security systems that are quick and easy to install, therefore eliminating the need for a professional. This trend is likely to keep growing to meet customer’s needs. Most owners prefer a plug-and-play system because it is versatile and flexible. Most importantly, they do not have to budget for installation or removal costs since the setup is easy. The demand for DIY systems is therefore bound to keep rising. 

Network and Device Security 

As much as smart home devices being connected and integrated is a welcome innovation, there is also the risk for online privacy and security. At a time when more people are working from their homes, smart devices have become a significant part of their daily routine. It is therefore expected for people to demand enhanced data security and privacy. As much as today’s home security systems and networks are safer, they also have their vulnerabilities. The data between two devices, different homeowners’ and security centers, is transferred wirelessly over the internet. That means that the demand for protocols, networks, encryption, and general devices with better security has also increased.

The above are simply a few top home security trends that you need to keep up with. New advances in technology mean an improved way to protect your family members and property and prepare for emergencies that you may run into. For your peace of mind, it is important to be updated on all matters of home security. 

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