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5 Top Tips on How to Turn Your Yellow Teeth to White

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt bad about your smile because you have more yellowed teeth than you’d like? Though it’s not an indication of a serious medical problem, it affects the confidence to realise that you don’t have the perfect and brightest smile, especially in today’s selfie-obsessed world. Read on to find out some reasons for yellowing of the teeth, and how you can avoid or limit those things. Read about Turn Your Yellow Teeth to White below.

Dentist in Ellenbrook find these 5 main reasons why your teeth turn yellow.

1. Ageing

Recent research indicates that ageing is a natural factor for the discolouration of the teeth. At an old age, the tooth starts to form more dentin, thus reducing the pulp, giving off a yellowish shade.

2. Enamel Thinning

Wearing down and thinning of enamel due to chewing, the inner layer of dentin is exposed making the teeth look yellower. It is the main cause of teeth appearing yellow. Colour changes occur when the enamel chip off and more of the dentin is exposed.

3. Faulty Diet

Coffee, dark berries, soy sauces, curries and green tea stain the teeth if used regularly since they contain tannins, chemicals that have blemishing properties. It tends to stick on the teeth surface and tarnish the enamel. Cold drinks and soda are also big contributors to teeth discolouration.

4. Smoking

Nicotine is not only a bad addiction, but the tar from smoking is pretty damaging to oral hygiene- even leading to Gum Diseases and Mouth Cancers in some cases. Tobacco chewing also falls under this category. Heavy smokers often have ugly brownish/yellowish teeth and bad odour.

5. Teeth Grinding

Many people have a habit of grinding teeth in a stressful situation while some do it unconsciously in sleep. This habit is called Bruxism, and it damages enamel thus leads to yellow teeth.

Some suggestions by Dentist in Aveley to get rid of this problem.

1. Brush and floss your teeth regularly

Plaque buildup is one of the main reasons for Teeth Discolouration.  According to one of the leading Oral Hygienists in Perth City, regular brushing and flossing can help your teeth stay white and reduce the bacteria in your mouth and prevent plaque build-up.

2. Stay Away From Tobacco.

Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes is one of the worst things you can do for your Oral Health. Just a few months of this bad habit can turn your teeth from white to yellow and brown. And these people spend huge amounts on Teeth Whitening Treatment later. So, the best treatment is to quit smoking.

3. Prevent tooth stains.

To keep your teeth white, you should avoid staining foods. Instead, replace them with crunchy, water-heavy foods like celery, apples and carrots. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet is great for your overall health and teeth. Use a straw to drink beverages as it will avoid contact with your teeth and prevents tooth erosion.

4. Teeth whitening at home

Hydrogen peroxide is famous for its bleaching properties. One can use  1.5% or 3% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash for teeth whitening. You can also use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together. Many Dental Experts in Australia believe that overuse of more concentrated this solution can lead to oral ulcers as well erosion of tooth structure, though it is yet to be proven.

5 Get Professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening means all responsibility in the hands of your dentist, you just relax on the dental chair and enjoy the procedure. Zoom Teeth Whitening is famous in some suburban areas of Perth like Ellenbrook, Aveley and The Vines. In-office bleaching, You will have your desired white pearly smiles.

If you follow these simple five tips and continue making regular trips to your dentist, you’ll be able to keep your smile bright and white for years to come. If you’re looking for a Best Family Dentistry in Western Australia, that combines excellence in dentistry with comfort, contact the dental professionals at AveleyDental, Perth to schedule an appointment.

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