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5 Types of Marketing Strategies

Successful implementation of marketing strategies is both a science and an art, as each method must be tailored to the business and its marketing needs. While the core concepts will always stay the same, there’s plenty of room for creativity. Here are some common marketing strategies and tips on how to use them to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and generate site traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

An effective way to increase brand recognition and boost traffic is via SEO, or search engine optimization. To become acquainted with the search engines’ algorithms, there’s a great deal of research and fine-tuning required. Most search engines, including Google, prioritize natural search results, so improved SEO will increase a brand’s reach. The better organic SEO gets, the more effectively a company’s ad campaigns will perform. Learn more about Merritt Group marketing solutions by visiting the website.

Influencer Marketing

There’s no disputing that influencers are today’s tastemakers—and working with social media celebrities is an excellent way to build brand awareness. Influencer collaborations increase brand visibility and build trust, as followers are more likely to trust the celebrity’s recommendations. It’s important to choose wisely though, and the influencer’s ideals, aesthetics, and community should fit the brand.

Affiliate and PR Marketing

Media mentions provide a great branding tool. Good publicity is a no-cost form of advertising, and the more a company’s name is put in front of viewers, the more its brand awareness will grow. Combine public relations and affiliate marketing to turn a profit from the word-of-mouth recommendations the company receives. When a potential customer clicks on a link and makes a purchase, the publishing affiliate gets a portion of the proceeds, and you will get a sale that likely couldn’t have come from anywhere else.

Email Marketing

Marketing by email isn’t just highly effective, it can also be relatively stress-free because of marketing automation. Because it keeps the lines of communication open, it’s a persistent, yet non-threatening way to run promotions and nurture leads.

It’s best to create funnels and contact lists based on triggered functions and attributes so marketers can send targeted emails directed at individuals at various positions along the sales pipeline. Performance can be tracked via click-through data, unsubscribe rates, and click-through rates, as well as split testing. While these methods are a bit time consuming, the investment can pay great dividends.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a big deal, and its importance will only increase as brands learn how to live in the digital world. Building a following on the right social channels will increase client loyalty and create a more engaged community, opening opportunities for sales, new releases, and promotions.

Brand cohesion is key, as is authenticity. Ensure that posts don’t come across as too salesy, and tailor the message to each platform. For instance, focus on hashtags and visual aesthetics on Instagram and using longer captions on Facebook.

Successful Marketing Now and In the Future

The best marketing strategies will vary as businesses evolve and trends change. Today, there are many channels and strategies to use, and the more agile a company is, the more likely it is to succeed. Don’t be afraid to try new things until you find something that works, and be sure to test and change things as needed.

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