5 ways you can remake your diamond jewellery

5 ways you can remake your diamond jewellery

Diamonds are forever but their jewellery can get old and outdated. Since they’re way too precious and loved to let go off, you have the wonderful option of remaking your diamond jewellery. Try out these unique options to give new life to your bunch of sparkles. Read about remake your diamond jewellery below.

  1. Take out diamonds from old ring to make a pendant

If you have an old ring that you no longer wish to wear either because it is worn off or because of sentimental reasons, you could take the stone out and reset it into a pendant. People often do this after an engagement or a wedding breaks off and they do not want to get rid of the stone; but wearing the Lab diamond engagement rings is inappropriate and so this makes for a wonderful alternative to have just a part pf the ring preserved while doing away with the rest.

  • Add more stones to existing jewellery

Sometimes our creativity sparks and we would like a plain, old piece of jewellery to be redesigned in a fancy way, without doing much damage to the original piece. Although this task is a little tricky and will require a lot of explaining to your jeweller and further efforts by him, you can give an entirely different look to your old jewellery by adding a few stones to it. However, this isn’t possible with every piece of jewellery. In some cases, there is extra space to enhance the design and in others it may simply look too crowded, so you might have to reconsider this option carefully.

  • Add a halo to your ring

This is an addition to the above point of adding more stones. Instead of singular stones, you could add an entire halo to your diamond ring. If you have a single solitaire, then this is easily possible depending on the design of the ring. It will make your ring appear larger than it is and is a comparatively cost-efficient option instead of buying an entirely new ring.

  • Add a new twist to the heirloom

Have an heirloom passed down to you? Then we have another fun idea. Heirlooms are full of sentiments but are often a little outdated and so people are resistant to wear them. It won’t hurt to give your family heirloom a new twist now, would it? How about turning it into a unique vintage bracelet, or a pendant? If you want something more wearable, you could also get it remade into a diamond studded hairpin. It will look lovely and you can wear it for any occasion including your engagement or wedding to honour the sentiments of your family.

  • Make brooch if you are not really a jewellery person

If you are not a jewellery person but a diamond item is way too precious to do away with, then here’s a fun idea. You could make a brooch using the stones. Get the diamonds removed and reset into a beautiful brooch design. You could make the design yourself if you are creative enough or just add it to an existing design from a professional jewellery. This is a low-cost way to remake your jewellery into something you might actually prefer to wear. At the same time, the metal can get you your money back as well if you decide to sell it.

We bet you hadn’t thought of all this, so what’s the hold up? Rush to your trusted jeweller and get your Lab grown diamonds hatton garden jewellery remade into something unique and funky.

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