5 Worst Things You Can Do to Your PC

Worst Things You Can Do to Your PC

No one wants their computer to stop working after having it for a short while. But, if it seems to die before time, the habits you have could be to blame. Nothing lasts forever, more so tech, but your computer can last you a few years if you treat it well. If your computer is failing earlier than it should, it could be your bad behavior and habits. Therefore, it is best to know what they are and avoid them as much as possible. Here are some of the worst habits that are destroying your computer that you may not even know.  

  1. Browsing the web unprotected 

Common sense is valuable, but it should not be your only source of malware protection. Some legitimate sites can become infected with malware, passing these to you, so browsing carefully will not save you every time. But you need to ensure you use a computer antivirus. You can use the windows defender feature. But you can opt to have a more aggressive protection anti-malware. That blocks harmful sites before they get to your screen. Also, follow through with other security practices, such as learning how to spot phishing scams, use a good password manager, and keep your software up to date. If you love streaming movies, ensure it is the right https://proxy-rarbg.org/ site to avoid accessing malware which can cause a lot of harm. So, stay secure online. 

  1. Disregarding overheating problems 
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Heat is your PC’s mortal enemy. If your computer gets too hot, not only will the processor slow down, but it may shut down completely. Also, when it is at high temperatures for a long time, it can reduce the life span of your fans, processor, and battery. Laptops require more care than desktops. Because laptops are portable leads to bad habits like putting it on plush surfaces. As a result, it blocks airflow under and through the laptop. Therefore, use your laptop on a flat surface or ensure your lap is free of blankets and other similar things. Also, avoid living it in a hot place like outside on a sunny day and blow out dust once in a while. 

  1. Stressing the cables and ports

It may seem obvious, but avoid forcing cables into ports if they are not sliding in easily. Also, when plugging it, take care not to bend it, for it can cause damages to both the cable you are using and the port. Be careful with the cables, for if you break the inside connection, it can render them useless or finicky. More importantly, keep them away from pets and children who can chew them. And when you fold them, do not wrap them too tight. Thankfully, it is cheap to replace a damaged cable than your PC, but why waste money when you can prevent the damage. 

  1. Letting dust, dirt and liquids run wild
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Over time, most computers accumulate dust, heating the components and causing those fans to work harder. A regular clean-up can be of help. But in the first place, it is more vital to prevent stuff from getting into your computer. For example, pet fur and cigarette smoke exacerbate these problems, and putting your desktop on the floor will only cause more hair, dust, and debris to suck into the intake. So, keep your computer on the desk instead of on the floor or carpet. Secondly, avoid eating or drinking next to your PC, or if you have to, be careful. Getting crumbs in your keyboard can damage switches and make some keys hard to press. Not forgetting the horror stories of someone spilling coffee on their laptops, that destroys them immediately. 

  1. Handling the laptop carelessly

Laptops, unlike desktops, do not get the luxury of sitting comfortably in the office and are subject to all sorts of abuse. For instance, some people pick up their laptops by their display, toss their PC onto the couch from the other side of the room, using a closed laptop as a coaster for their drink, among other bad habits. Handle your laptop more carefully, for it is an expensive piece of property, and you should treat it that way. 

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