6 Custom Plaque Award Ideas for Employee Recognition

Today’s labor market is tight, and it can be tough to attract and retain good talent. Little gestures showing how much you appreciate your employees can go a long way to making them feel valued. 

After a big project is completed, or a goal is reached, custom plaques depicting what was accomplished make a nice addition to someone’s desk. 

Learn more about the different types of plaques that can be ordered for various work-related occasions.  

  1. Employee of the Month

This is a goal your employees can work towards. You might have stipulations like a certain number of sales, attendance markers, or goals that must be accomplished to earn this. 

Honoring them with an employee of the month custom plaque gives them something tangible to add to their desk or cubicle and gives other employees something to strive for.

  1. Excellent Feedback Award

This award is typically given when colleagues give positive feedback about a specific employee. Maybe they helped complete a difficult project on time, staying late to ensure its success. Or perhaps they went above and beyond to help someone else. 

Either way, showing that their efforts are appreciated with a custom plaque will make them smile. They can remember the nice gesture and feel good about their work.

  1. Best Salesman Award

Sales can be very competitive, and it makes sense to have milestones and various goals to achieve with some type of reward for achieving them. An award for best salesman shows you recognize their efforts to promote and sell your product. 

If you’re a public facing business, such as a dealership, a plaque proclaiming “Best Salesman” displayed in full view of everyone shows them they’re dealing with a professional who can get them a great deal.

  1. Award Longevity with an Anniversary Award

These days, it’s becoming more and more rare for people to stick with one employer for their entire career. And this may not be the case with employees at your firm either. But if you do have employees that have been there for a long time, honoring them with a custom plaque on a milestone anniversary is a wonderful gesture.

  1. Best Teammate Award

This goes hand in hand with the feedback award, but it focuses more on your direct group. If you have an employee who truly goes above and beyond on a regular basis, let them know you appreciate their efforts with something tangible to put on their desk. 

  1. Best Customer Service Award 

The service industry can be tough. When your employees provide excellent customer service, they should be recognized with something to keep them going when things get more difficult. 

A best customer service award is a great way to show your employees that you see the impact of their efforts. 

Custom Plaques Will Always Be Appreciated

Your employees work hard to hit those sales goals, deliver great customer service, and finish projects on time or even ahead of schedule. Why not show them you appreciate what they do by giving them a custom plaque to display.

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