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6 Tips To Select Laboratory Flooring Material

Laboratories are known to be the most sensitive areas. So, no matter what the lab is about. It is essential to establish a well-controlled environment. As it is critical to maintaining the good health of people working in the lab. 

Moreover, they are at higher risk. Because they are dealing with contagious organisms and items. Thus, it is essential to care for their well-being. Thus, no matter how you’re starting. From scratch or remodeling it. It is important to know the details of materials you can use in the lab.

And what things do you need to consider for laboratory-friendly material? So, here is the guide below. You will get detailed information about material selection. Don’t waste any more time and give it a read.

 List Of Content:

  • Some Common Features To Look
  • Prefer a Chemical Resistant Flooring
  • Temperature And Cleaning 
  • Seamless Flooring
  • Accurate Flatness And Level
  • Electrostatic Dissipative Properties
  • Where To Buy Laboratory Flooring Material?
  • Conclusion

Some Common Features To Look:

These are some very common features. You need to look at the flooring and countertop options of the laboratory.

  • Must be highly abrasion resistant
  • Oil and Grease Resistant
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Resistance to biocides
  • Chemically resistant
  • Highly Hygienic

Prefer a Chemical Resistant Flooring:

The laboratory is home to many corrosive and harsh chemicals. Thus, when you’re selecting the lab floor. make sure to read well about the chemicals it will interact with. So, in labs, there is a risk of potential chemical spills on floors. As most of the floor material can’t tolerate the corrosive chemicals. 

Therefore, perform a test before selecting a material. By contacting different chemicals with the material available. And wait for the best result. Make sure to count the time, and concentration of chemicals too. So, notice the reaction rates. Like the intensity of damage it is causing, etc. 

Thus, always prefer well resistant to chemicals flooring for your lab to avoid any damage. And also promote the long-lasting features.

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Temperature And Cleaning:

So, labs are always at risk of contamination. Thus, there must be a specific flooring finish that can be easily clean/sanitized frequently. Moreover, the floor finishes need to be resistant to detergents, disinfectants, and water under pressure. 

In addition, some floor materials are vulnerable to high temperatures. So, choose the material which can withstand the heavy hot water sanitization. And also high laboratory temperatures. Moreover, the laboratory floor must be resistant to disinfectants like formaldehyde. And the lab is also fumigated. So the floor must be resistant to all such chemicals used for disinfecting procedures.

Seamless Flooring:

Sheets are tiles that are very problematic in a lab environment. As the joints and junctions are the weak points. So, in ceramic tiles, the grout is vulnerable and can retain dirt. Which leads to microbial growth. Vinyl, rubber, and linoleum are serious threats. 

Thus, the split gaps and cracks can make the liquids breach the gaps. And under the tiles and sheets. So, making it harder to clean. And it turns into a microbial habitat that can cause serious threats.

In addition, seamless flooring is the best. So, prefer a seamless resin floor. As there are no joints/junctions for liquids to seep in. As seamless flooring for labs is a world-class choice.

Accurate Flatness And Level:

Now the real deal is how to keep the floor at the level. So, there won’t be a slip, trip, or bumping hazard in the lab premises. Thus, the floor should be smooth, and level. It must not be fully flat. But nicely balanced. 

Moreover, this makes cleaning and decontaminating quite feasible. As any liquid or sanitizing material gently follows the floor slope. And can reach the floor drains. 

Thus, the water can be removed quickly. Moreover, it doesn’t get stagnant in corners or surfaces. And it doesn’t matter if the floor is polished or honed. Lastly, prefer slip-resistant drain covers.

Electrostatic Dissipative Properties:

So, the lab floor must be electrostatic dissipative. Until the anti-static floor system is used. Thus, this ensures the whole floor finish is fully updated with electricity supply. And also very leakage resistant.

Where To Buy Laboratory Flooring Material?

There are multiple options for laboratory flooring material. Thus, you have to choose one. By keeping the above guidelines in mind. Moreover, if you prefer quality and durability in labs. Go with high-quality quartz stone. Such as it works best on both quartz countertops price and flooring.

Now the question is. Where can you buy it at affordable prices? So, a non-stop destination in the USA is Badger Granite. Choose the best flooring material and install it in your lab.


In conclusion, laboratory flooring material is quite important. So, it must be chosen with a lot of focus and study. Moreover, one thing you know very well is the high-risk environment of labs. 

That’s the material used in labs must be highly competent. Like it must be able to withstand harsh chemicals. The flooring must be seamless. Moreover, it can resist bacterias, chemical spills, highs and lows of temperature, and much more.

However, you use the same material of floor as your lab countertops, benches, and backsplash. Quartz countertops, benches, and floors must be preferred. Because of its high durability and stain and chemical resistant features.


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