7 Tips for Choosing a Family Solicitor

Family Solicitor

Family law is a sensitive subject, and when you add in the complexities of divorce or custody battles, it can be very difficult to know where to turn. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to find an experienced family solicitor who will listen to both sides of the story before advising on what the best course of action might be. This blog post offers seven tips that will help you choose a family solicitor – so don’t delay!

1. Ask your family and friends for recommendations

People in your family and social circle are likely to know about specialists in this area, so ask them who they would recommend. If you don’t feel comfortable asking personal questions of the people you know, consider getting an online recommendation instead; many of the larger law firms have review pages, so you can quickly and easily see what other people think of their services.

2. Look online for family solicitors

There are thousands of law firms out there, so the first place you should look is online. It doesn’t matter whether you search on Google or use a specialist directory; all these websites will list local family solicitors who specialize in this area and provide details about their services, experience levels, etc. All law firms have dedicated pages where they describe what they can do for clients with different types of cases – make sure to read them carefully before making your decision.

3. Ask for recommendations on social media

Social media can be a great source of information, so don’t forget to check out your favorite platforms. Many family law firms have active Facebook pages where they post updates about their latest successes and newsworthy cases; look at these before you make contact with the firm in question. If you are active online yourself, why not ask your friends or followers who they would recommend? This is often an effective way to get good suggestions because it provides some distance from friends’ personal experiences – but remember that you should only use this approach if the solicitor will handle sensitive family matters such as child custody issues.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for information

You might think that a family solicitor will not give you full details of their services or fees unless they know you are really interested in hiring them – but this is not the case. Many firms provide prospective clients with detailed information about what they can do and how much it costs, so don’t hesitate to contact your chosen solicitor if there’s something you need more clarification on. You should also feel free to request a breakdown of fees; some people assume all lawyers charge high rates (which is often true), but family solicitors tend to work differently because their priority is protecting families rather than maximizing profits. This means that many law firms offer fixed-fee packages which make things for everyone involved!

5. Ask about their experience

You might think that family solicitors will all have the same level of experience, but this is not necessarily true. If you are planning to go through a divorce or custody battle, it’s essential for your solicitor to be able to handle any special requirements that may arise; if you’re dealing with complex financial issues then someone who specializes in these types of cases will be much better qualified than somebody without any relevant knowledge and skills. Ask what sort of previous clients they’ve worked for (you can usually find out online) – how difficult was the case? Did they win? What were the results? This information should give you an idea of whether your prospective lawyer has suitable expertise in this area.

6. Make sure you can meet

When choosing a family solicitor, it’s important that you feel comfortable with them. This means not just communicating effectively and being able to understand each other, but also be physically at ease when dealing with the person in question – if your lawyer is very formal and intimidating then this will make any legal proceedings much more stressful than they need to be! Make sure you ask whether you’ll deal with somebody senior or junior; some lawyers prefer working as part of a team so they don’t have sole responsibility for handling cases. If possible, try to find out who will actually work on your case before making an appointment – there are many law firms where different people handle different aspects of the process (such as negotiations), which means lower fees for clients.

7. Ask about costs and fees

One of the most confusing things for people when they’re looking at family solicitors is knowing how much it will all cost. Make sure to find out before making an appointment – this way you won’t be surprised if anything unusual happens during your legal proceedings! Ask what payment options are available because some firms only accept cash or cheques while others take cards; there’s nothing worse than having a big bill in front of you and no time to go to an ATM. Don’t forget that your solicitor should not charge above the usual rate (s/he may well tell you if s/he thinks otherwise), but make sure everything is clear from the start rather than assuming that small print on contracts means extra expenses down the line.

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