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8 Best Online PCB Manufacturer To Start Your PCB Production

1. OSH Park

OSH Park is a favorite of Hack-a-day and Hackaday.com simply because it’s the cheapest, highest quality service available online and it’s the best online PCB assembly manufacturer.

Their boards are manufactured in California, USA. You can get 3 copies (10x10cm) for USD 9 ($3 per square inch), including shipping to anywhere in the world! That means your board cost will be at most $30, which is very affordable for hobbyists and small PCB production businesses alike! They offer lead-free HASL assembly on all PCBs and provide gold fingers upon request (~$25 extra). 

2. DirtyPCBs

DirtyPCBs is based in San Diego, California. Although it’s slightly more expensive than OSH Park per square inch, you get an automatic $5 discount for each additional order placed within 30 days of another at DirtyPCBs. At just USD 3  per square inch, it makes sense to place multiple orders per month if there are enough parts to justify it! As an online PCB manufacturer, it also includes free worldwide shipping. On top of that service, their boards come with ENIG surface finish at no extra cost! That’s a huge plus as many online PCB manufacturers will nickel and dime you for different finishes.


The leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards and the best online PCB manufacturer, PCBGOGO provides a range of services to companies in all industries. With over 10 years of experience and access to an experienced team through its sophisticated production process, this PCB company has become one of China’s most reliable partners for prototypes or mass values needed on time with quality standards PCB production you can trust!


JLPCB is based in China and is another low-cost option for low-volume orders (i.e., anything less than 10x10cm). They’re slightly more expensive than 4PCB per square inch. However, they have a lower starting price point ($2 per sq in) and will give you a $1-5 discount if you order more than 100 sq in the worth of parts at a time. As an online PCB manufacturer, on top of that, if you spend over $80 on your entire order, then shipping is free worldwide!

5.)Advanced Circuits ( Advanced )

Advanced Circuits is based in the US, and they are an exceptionally reputable PCB manufacturing company that you can trust to produce high-quality boards. They also have a few different prototyping options for your boards, depending on how many you plan on ordering. For example, they have FineLine Prototyping, which essentially guarantees that all of the traces will be 10 mils or less in width with 5 mil line/spacing. This makes it perfect for any fine pitch SMT parts that would normally be difficult to solder by hand.

6. Seeed Studio ( Seeed )

Seeed Studio is based in China and offers cheap prototyping boards for orders of 10x10cm or less. If you want any custom finishes, then it’s an extra $25, however, they have different options at the same price points as JLPCB, i.e., HASL, OSP, Hot Air Solder Leveling/CMP, etc. As a professional online PCB manufacturer, it seems that their price is slightly higher than OSH Park because OpenBeam has 4 layers and the cost per square inch is 8 US dollars, while OSH Parks is 4 US dollars per square inch.

7. Seeed Studio Fusion ( Seeed )

Seeed Studio is an online PCB manufacturer, it also has another service called Seeed Studio Fusion. It is the same as OSH Park, except they produce their boards on their own machines instead of sending them off to a 3rd party manufacturer. The main benefits of using this method are that it’s cheaper than having someone else do the prototyping for you and that it takes less time since your boards will be produced locally. 

8. 4PCB

4PCB is based in China. Their prices are competitive to OSH Park’s per inch pricing. However, they charge an additional $10 for 10x10cm orders (OSH Park has free shipping on all square inch orders). Although you save some money on each order, this famous online PCB manufacturer probably won’t be cost-effective to order only 1-3 boards. Even though 4pcb is in China they provide free worldwide shipping because it is the best Chinese PCBA Factory.

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