A Beginner’s Guide to Runescape

Amirarticles.com Beginners Guide to Runescape

Newbies and returning players are welcome!

Sandbox games don’t usually handhold the character beyond the tutorial. After that portion of the game, the player is free to do whatever they want in the constraints of the game. Runescape is one such game, and as such, new players might not know what to do or prioritize after completing the tutorial. The usual choices are farming Runescape gold, leveling skills, or questing but these can overlap sometimes.

The choices are few, but it can still cause indecisiveness in players, as some want a more optimized route to a certain goal. So here are some tips to remember when starting up a new game of Runescape.

The Path System

It’s a feature like an extension of the tutorial. The path will explain a few more mechanics of the game. It will also give boosts to combat stats and a reward of some Runescape items such as armor and weapons. After completing one path, you can choose to disable it or follow another path. Use the paths to get used to the game, especially if not a returning player.

It can also be disabled outright if preferred.


Skilling is RS3 gamer slang for training skills, also applicable to OSRS. Turning to skilling is a good start to the game. Many quests would require certain levels of certain skills, so it’ll be great to have those levels beforehand. It’s also a requirement for RS3 gold farming since the production skills provide the means to do so.

Magic and Farming are two simple skills to level, and they’re great sources of gold, too. Less so for Magic, since you’ll need to have runes to be able to cast spells. However, it’s still recommended for learning teleport spells to get around Gielinor faster as well as other convenient abilities.

There are many guides on how to profit while skilling, and that’s a good starting line if the goal is to have riches or an RS3 discontinued item. The latter is an incredibly expensive item used to hold wealth as well as describe the player’s status as a veteran or rich person.


When skilling gets boring, you can quest for a change of pace. There are many, many quests in Runescape. Some will be long, others will be short. Some don’t impact the world on any scale, and others might give you the power to decide a character or a group’s fate.

Many of them can be grouped together as questlines. Those that don’t fit in quest lines are standalone ones with no relation to another quest. All will reward you in some way, from skill XP to a physical item or access to a previously locked area or feature. As such, there are some recommended quests to do, especially for beginners.

Quests may require the player to have a certain level of skills, complete a previous quest, or have at least a specific amount of quest points. Otherwise, they won’t be able to start the quest until they complete the requirements.

Make Friends

Even if you’re the type to go solo, having friends around can still help. They’re a great resource for extra tips, reminders, or supplies (if they’re the generous sort). Also, playing a game alone can be lonely, so having a friend around can relieve that.

Some players would prefer to join a clan. That’s also a good thing since crowdsourcing information is more reliable than just using a single source. Still, that’s up to you whether you want to keep to small parties or join a big clan.

Your Adventure Awaits!

Ultimately, whether you follow paths, start skilling, or go questing is your decision. The best way to decide is to set a goal for yourself. Do you want riches beyond belief in RS3 gold or in items? Maybe you can start skilling. Do you want adventures, exploration, puzzles, and combat? Questing is where you’ll find all that. Feeling lonely? Chat up your friends or your guild for a bit and shoot the breeze.

There are more things to do in Runescape, such as guild events, self-imposed challenges, hunting treasure, or just collecting items. It’s up to you to choose how your adventures in Runescape will go. Will you be an adventurer, a hunter, or a crafter? Otherwise, will you be aiming to be the richest player in Runescape or settle for the best equipment you can get?

Runescape provides opportunities for all kinds of gamers, from the most casual to the most hardcore. Everybody who fits in that spectrum can find ways to enjoy the game and have fun. That said, enjoy your own adventures in playing Runescape! For More Amazing News for Gaming, Technology, etc,

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