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A List of Multi-Purpose Tools and Gadgets You Need

In years past, Americans used to pride themselves on having a robust set of gadgets, each to suit a specific purpose. Nowadays, the name of the game is minimalism and efficiency, getting the most use out of a single tool. Read below about Multi Purpose Tools and Gadgets in detail.

Ever since its start in the fifties and sixties, minimalism has gained traction as a design philosophy and a way of life. Maximize efficiency, minimize busy work, and reduce stuff. Nothing speaks to this way of thinking like the concept of the multi-purpose tool.

Want to make sure your day is as productive as possible? Then you won’t want to miss our list of the best home gadgets and multi-tools on the market!

A Brush Is a Brush Is a Brush

One of the nice things about any brush tool you get is that a brush pretty well works the same no matter what. It gathers dust, debris, hair, and other refuse from drains, bottles, vacuums, and even your morning cup of joe.

Take, for instance, this coffee grinder brush. While its stated, intended purpose is to sweep your coffee grounds off the counters, you can use it to dust any tight spaces that require careful maneuvering. Brush tools are among the most useful home gadgets you can find, point-blank.

Storage Cutting Boards

Not everyone is blessed with the luxury of a large kitchen with ample countertop real estate. For those of us with smaller kitchens, the best kitchen accessories are those that can combine multiple preparation steps into one. That’s why any cutting boards with storage functions make for excellent kitchen gifts.

How convenient is it to be able to chop your vegetables and store them while you’re at it? Many models also come with attached graters of varying sizes for even greater functionality.

New Uses for the Ice Cube Tray

With the advent of the refrigerator/freezer ice maker during the sixties, many now only use ice cube trays if their ice maker is broken, or they (gasp) don’t have a refrigerator with an ice maker built-in. This is understandable, given that most of us associate “ice cube tray” with hard, unbending, yet still brittle plastic that made it impossible to get any ice out when you needed it.

However, modern ice cube trays, more often than not, are made from a combination of plastic and silicone, making it easy to pluck out what you need when you need it most. Moreover, the practice of freezing sauces, marinades, and juices ahead of using them has become more widespread than in the past.

What was once a simple tray to help you keep your drinks cool can now serve as a mold for popsicles, if the slots are large enough. Or, it could preserve your favorite seasoning and fat blends so you don’t have to mix them afresh. You can just set the right amount of cubes into your pan and melt them down, saving you critical prep steps.

Need Six Cooking Functions From One Device? Check Out the InstantPot

Of course, if we’re going to discuss the best kitchen accessories, we can’t forget the now-ubiquitous InstantPot. It’s been discussed into the ground and back again. However, the ability to have a slow-cooker, a pressure cooker, a yogurt maker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and an air fryer all in one tool is an amazing boon.

This holds especially true if, as we discussed earlier, your kitchen counter often seems devoid of any space you can use for food preparation. There’s a reason this kitchen appliance often tops the list of the most convenient home gadgets.

File, USB, and Data Hubs Cut Cord Clutter

Many of us have fitness trackers, cell phones, personal massagers, tablets, and smart home systems that all use USB connections. Keeping track of where these items are plugged in can be a nightmare. To say nothing of the horrendous cable tangles that can occur in most people’s homes when they have that many devices.

Worse, there are often not enough ports on your computer to read and register the devices you connect to it. So, a common multi-purpose tool in the tech world is a USB hub or splitter. This can help you turn a single port into a one-location charging station. Or simply put all your cords in one place, where they’re not likely to get tangled or lost.

Multi-Device Flash Reader

Another common problem more tech-savvy people run into is the lack of a specific kind of port on their home or work machines. How many times have you thought of getting all your old digital photos placed into cloud storage, only to realize that your computer had zero, zero SD card slots? Or, you could have sworn that the connector cable was USB-C, but it’s actually a USB-B slot.

Thankfully, there are multi-device flash readers that can slot into any standard USB drive, but also contain conversion ports for SD cards, micro USB cables, and many more. This saves an enormous amount of time and conversion headaches, making it easier to move older files to newer devices.

You Can’t Neglect Connectivity

It’s hardly an understatement to say that we rely upon internet connectivity as if it were our life’s blood. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you’ve more than likely encountered a situation where you needed a connection to the internet and had none. If the hotel doesn’t have WiFi and your phone’s signal is too weak, you’re just out of luck, right?

Wrong. There are many smart hotspots available on the market to resolve this exact problem. For the most part, so long as you don’t purchase them through a specific phone company, these hotspots can connect to, redirect, and rebroadcast any internet signal they pick up. Or potentially generate one of their own, depending on the type of device.

Such hotspots can prove a bit pricey, but they’re well worth the investment to keep yourself connected on the road. After all, all the multi-purpose tech tools in the world can’t accomplish anything without a proper connection.

Don’t Forget the Classic Swiss Army Knife

Of course, we can’t have any discussion about the multi-purpose tool without mentioning the one that started it all: The Swiss Army Knife. One of the best tool in our list of Multi Purpose Tools and Gadgets.

This tool has almost everything you’ll need for an emergency. Need to cut wires saw through a small piece of wood? Swiss Army Knife. Need to pop a bottle of champagne, crack open a cold one, or open a can while on the road? Swiss Army Knife. Something come undone and needs a quick screw-in to work again? Swiss Army Knife.

The only thing a Swiss Army Knife can’t do is travel physically onto the plane with you. Or go anywhere with strong metal detectors. Or stringent anti-weaponry policies.

This is because, despite its other myriad uses, at the end of the day, a Swiss Army Knife is, well, a knife. A bladed weapon that could stab someone in the wrong hands or circumstances. That’s not a risk any airline can afford to take, especially in a post-9/11 world where terrorist hijackings still paint fear in the back of peoples’ minds.

Need a Multi-Purpose Tool for TSA? No Problem

Thankfully, if you need to keep your multi-purpose tool on you for your own sanity, but can’t handle getting stopped and felt up by TSA, there are solutions on the market. Two of the most common multi-tools purchased nowadays are made of lightweight but durable metal and come in the shape of a credit card or a key.

That makes accessing the tool you need when you need it a matter of rotating the tool the right way, rather than fighting with tiny fittings to extract it. Plus, you can’t beat the ability to fit into something you carried on your person anyway for convenience. The only downside is that while these tools have minor serrated edges, their teeth have largely been removed to appease the TSA.

Sometimes, All You Need Is Ingenuity

Your best multi-tool is your brain. No, we’re not saying that to be cheeky. As tempting as it is to go out and buy all those handy multi-purpose tools and home gadgets, you might not need them.

People used heavy-duty Command strips to mount lightweight shelves to the wall long before the company itself sold its detachable shelves. In a pinch, people could turn a spare toothbrush into an effective sink brush. Don’t get so caught up in marketing that you forget to re-examine the tools you have available for their other potential uses.

Looking for More Items to Suit Your Multi-Tool Needs?

Finding the right multi-purpose tool to simplify your life and suit your needs can be difficult. Figuring out alternative ways to use existing tools can be even harder to do. However, if you need help finding the right tools for your specific job, you need to look no further than our blog. We update each day with more helpful and informative articles like this one, so keep your eyes peeled.

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