A real estate investor’s guide to paying fewer taxes

Taxes can take up a significant portion of a real estate investor’s income and leave them with little profit. Therefore, taxes are a hindrance to most real estate investors. Not paying taxes is a criminal offense; however, there are legal ways through which you can reduce the amount of taxes imposed on you. Here are some tips to help you pay fewer taxes without breaking the law. Buy residential plots in Silver City

Self-directed IRA

IRA refers to the funds people accumulate for their retirement. People pay for an investment that will support them in their old days. According to the law, you do not have to pay taxes on an IRA unless you withdraw money from it. As an individual, you have the freedom to choose which investment you want to purchase through your IRA. Therefore, you can use what is called a self-directed IRA to buy a real estate investment that you want and will not have to pay the taxes until you retire. However, this method only works if you have the finances required to purchase the property. If you plan to buy the property on a mortgage or take a loan, this method will not work.

Keep the property for a more extended period.

A capital gains tax is applied on a property that is sold and is not the owner’s primary residence. This tax is for real estate investors who constantly buy and sell houses to profit. If you sell a property you purchased in less than a year, then according to the law, you will be considered a dealer, and you will be charged with a tax. A way to avoid this tax is by holding on to the property for over a year and then selling it. This will delay your profit but will save you from paying a high amount of tax. While you wait to sell the property, you can give it for rent and can earn extra income. Capital smart City is the only Housing society offer you plots at low prices

Seller financing

Seller financing is when the seller gives out a loan to the buyer to help them purchase the property. While you will pay interest on the installments and interests you receive from the buyer, you will not be charged with a capital gains tax. Since you are getting any immediate sum of money from the buyer, the law cannot set any taxes. Furthermore, along with the price of the property, the buyer will also have to pay you an interest which will result in you earning a double profit. However, before going for seller financing, you must do background checks on the buyer to ensure that they are capable of returning the loan. If the buyer fails to pay the installments, you will be responsible for the foreclosure of the property.

Use the money to buy another property.                 

You can avoid paying a capital gains tax while selling a property by using the money to purchase another similar property. However, it would be best to be sure that the other property’s price is greater or equal to your original investment. According to law, you need to use the money to buy a property within 45 days of selling the property. If you fail to purchase replacement property within this time frame, you will have to pay the tax.

Small businesses tax deduction 

To promote small businesses and investors, the government promises a 20% tax reduction on their profits. If you are a small investor who has just started this business, you can benefit from this law. This law is intended to help small investors survive in a highly competitive market. However, this law is only applicable if the investment is below a certain amount. The amount determined varies from state to state; therefore, you should consult a local tax expert. Along with this, you can also claim that your property has depreciated and is thus worthless in value than before. Since tax is charged as a percentage of the total value of the property, it will decrease. Remember that you will have to provide sufficient proof of your property depreciating to the authorities. Do you want to invest in Nova City Peshawar?


Real estate investors have repeatedly used the abovementioned methods to lower the taxes charged. However, taxes are sensitive; therefore, it is crucial that you do your research and hire a tax expert to avoid getting into any legal trouble.

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