A To Z Of Vaping Terminology

E-cigarettes have been around for decades, as well as despite the fact that they started being marketed in the very early 2000s, the revolution of the vaping industry came only a few years later, as well as the area of vapers grew tremendously worldwide. In 2017, the UK had actually an approximated 2.9 million people vaping and 2,000 vape shops– these numbers have actually certainly raised now. So, with an area of numerous vapers, as well as continuous research study as well as research studies being launched on the subject, it’s just anticipated that the vaping terms adjustments as well as evolves.

Whether you’re brand-new to vaping or a skilled vaper, you could have currently observed that this market has its own vocabulary, so we’re right here to assist you find out the definition behind one of the most frequently used vaping words.


ADV (All Day Vape): exactly how vapers call an e-liquid they can utilize all day.

Amps: brief for amperage, a step of electric existing utilized to measure electronic cigarette batteries.

Analog Cigarette: the traditional cigarette.

APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer): a more advanced vaping gadget contrasted to a basic e-cigarette for novices.

Atomiser: the electronic element inside the e-cigarette that turns e-liquid right into vapour (can also be called coil).


BCC (Base Coil Clearomiser): model with the coil resting vertically over the airflow, which minimizes resistance and improves vapour production.

BDC (Bottom Twin Coil Clearomiser): model with a dual coil atomiser, which also raises vapour production and decreases resistance.

Blanks: cartridges with completely dry filler product to be filled with e-liquid.

Box mods: vaporisers that can be found in a box shape rather than a cylindrical tube– these allow more battery capability as well as temperature level control.

Bridge: covering within the atomiser, utilized to absorb fluid and also wick it towards the heating element.

BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomiser): version with the coil at the bottom of the container, that makes fluid get to the coil much faster as well as extra evenly.


Cartomiser: storage tank developed to hold e-liquid using fillers or Poly-fil, a cotton-like fiber.

Cartridge: plastic or steel mouth piece with absorptive filler product to hold e-liquid.

Clearomiser: combination of cartridge and also atomiser in clear product, which enables to see how much e-liquid is left in the cartridge.

Cloud chasing: the activity of creating large clouds, which is taken into consideration a ‘vaping sport’.

Coil: a cord within the e-cigarette which warms the e-liquid and also transforms it into vapour– can be made from nickel, kanthal or titanium.

Personalized mod: when users personalize their mods, making them unique and also unlike any off the rack mod.

Cut-off: safety function which immediately turns off the vaping device after a pre-set time, to avoid the atomiser from overheating– usually tools are set for 10 secs.


Diacetyl: an unsafe compound which has been found in some e-liquids, as well as has been discovered to trigger ‘popcorn lung’ when utilized in large dosages, therefore, a lot of suppliers have actually quit utilizing this substance.

Dipping: when you dip an atomiser in e-liquid prior to vaping.

DIY e-liquid: a homemade e-liquid blended by the vaper.

Leak idea: the mouthpiece in the tank where you inhale the vapour from.

Trickling: when e-liquid is dripped straight onto the coil.

Dry burn: when the coil is warmed with insufficient e-liquid– can be a fire risk, so it’s suggested to be mindful.

Dry hit: this occurs when the coil stresses out.

Dry smoking: this happens when the atomiser is flooded with e-liquid, so the mouth piece requires to be replaced in order to fix it.


E-smoking: smoking cigarettes with an e-cigarette.

E-liquid: the fluid service which is used in an e-cigarette. It normally has propylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerine, can be flavoured and include nicotine.

ECITA: Smokeless Cigarette Market Trade Association, which stands for the UK e-cigarette sector and also advocate fair guidelines in behalf of its participants.

Vapor cigarette (E-cigarette): a cigarette with no combustion procedure, where an atomiser vaporises e-liquid which is inhaled as vapour– the customer can select to vape an e-liquid with or without nicotine.

END: Electronic Nicotine Tool, the scientific term for e-cigarette.


Filler: loading material inside a cartomiser, that soaks up e-liquid supplied to the coil.

Fins: steel ridges placed on the drip suggestion of a storage tank to dissipate heat.

Flavour chaser: somebody that prioritises flavour when vaping.

Flooding: when e-liquid floodings the atomiser.


Genesis atomiser: an RBA version where the storage tank is below the coil deck.

Goose neck: an extended drip idea, which is offered in different colours, shapes and sizes.

Grub screw: sort of screw used on RBAs as well as RDAs to secure the coil in place.


Han Li (or Hon Lik): the developer of the contemporary e-cigarette.

High Resistance (HR): an atomiser or cartomiser that enables the application of a greater voltage to the coil, as opposed to typical equipment.

Struck: to take a hit is to breathe in vapour from a vaporiser.

Hot spot: can be discovered on coils and also cause burning or a bad taste, generally showing that the coil is not wrapped appropriately.

Hybrid: a mechanical mod without a standard threaded 510-connection, where the atomiser is straight fitted to the battery.


IBVTA: Independent British Vaping Trade Association, which supports the independent vaping industry.

ICR: a lithium ion cobalt rechargeable battery.

IMR: a lithium ion manganese rechargeable battery.

Inhaling: the process of breathing in the vapour from the vaporiser.


Joules: an action of power made use of in temperature level control mods– the greater the joule setup, the higher the heat.

Juice: an alternative name to describe e-liquid (e-juice).


Kanthal cable: a trademarked sort of wire generally used to build coils, available in different resistances.

Kick: a device between the battery as well as the springtime of a mechanical mod, which allows the conversion of the mod into a variable wattage gadget.

Knuckle head: flexible drip tip, which can be adapted to any angle.


Leaking: the typical issue of e-liquid dripping out the bottom of the tank.

Li-Ion: a lithium ion rechargeable battery.

Li-Po: a lithium polymer rechargeable battery.

Reduced Resistance (LR): describing the ohms on an atomizer.

Lung hit: the action of breathing in vapour straight to the lungs.


mAH: milliamp/hour, the action of energy storage space in the battery– the higher the mAH, the longer the battery will certainly last.

Mechanical mod: a vaping gadget without safety functions, that provides power from the battery right to the atomiser without circuitry.

Mod: a custom-built vaping tool– mods allow alteration of various establishing such as wattage, voltage and also temperature level control.

Mouth to lung hit: when vapour is attracted into the mouth before being inhaled into the lungs (the method you would typically smoke a typical cigarette).

Mouthpiece: this piece is put right into the atomiser or cartomiser (can be a drip pointer or cartirdge).


Nicotine (Nic): in vaping, nicotine is a yellowish or colourless fluid you can add to the e-liquid, as well as is available in numerous toughness– keep in mind nicotine is a powerful alkaloid that causes dependency.

Nicotine level: the amount of pure nicotine in an e-liquid, which can be gauged in mg per ml or as a percentage– 5mg of pure nicotine per ml or 0.5% pure nicotine.

Nicotine shot: a 10ml container of flavourless pure nicotine that can be added to an e-liquid.

Nickel cord: an immune cable kind used to build coils with temperature regulated gadgets.


O-ring: the vape trick of blowing a huge ring of vapour.

Ohm: a step of digital resistance– the reduced the resistance, the faster the coil heats.

Organic cotton: a material used in electronic cigarette wicks, as it’s simple to collaborate with and also supplies great flavour.


Passthrough: device that can be plugged to a computer or USB charger, to provide constant power to an e-cigarette.

Pen-style: an e-cigarette design which looks like a ball-point pen.

Personal Billing Case (PCC): maintains the battery charged while away from an outlet.

Individual Vaporiser (PV): a different name to vapor cigarette.

Priming: the process of soaking a coil before utilizing it, which minimizes the possibilities of a burnt coil.

Propylene Glycol (PG): colourless fluid made use of in the solution of an e-liquid to aid bring the flavour.


Allow us recognize in the comments if there are any type of vaping terms beginning with a Q.


RBA: a Rebuildable Atomiser– cost-saving as well as easily reparable.

RDA: a Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser– has an abundant flavour and can be made use of to generate great clouds.

Controlled mod: a kind of e-cigarette battery with a circuit card to control the existing.

Resistance: the resistance of a coil, measured in ohms, which can identify the vapour as well as flavour the tool generates.

RTA: a Rebuildable Container Atomiser– a container system where you develop your own coil.

Ruyan cigarette: the initial modern e-cigarette developed by Hon Lik.


Shortfill: container of nicotine-free e-liquid with enhanced flavour percent.

Smokeless cigarette: an alternative name to e-cigarette.

Stainless steel mesh: a product utilized to construct wicks that can offer wonderful flavour.

Starter kit: a vaping set for newbies, which will normally consist of a vaping device, an atomiser and also a billing cable television or battery.

Stealth vaping: very discreet vaping technique used to minimise the quantity of noticeable vapour breathed out– stealth vapers may additionally use smaller tools.

Soaking: the procedure of improving the preference of an e-liquid– this can be done utilizing various steeping approaches.

Sub-Ohming: vaping with a reduced coil resistance (under 1ohm) to enhance vapour production.


Storage tank: a clearomiser with a big e-liquid capability, which contains a burner, wick and smokeshaft.

Temperature Control (TC): establishing a temperature for an atomiser to go for, as opposed to voltage or power level.

Throat hit: the sensation in the rear of the throat when the vapour is breathed in with the mouth and also down the throat– this sensation can be different relying on pure nicotine level as well as pureness of the e-liquid.

Titanium coil: an alternative to the nickel coil, as titanium is tight and offers greater resistance.

Topping: filling out a cartridge with e-liquid.

Tube mod: a vaping gadget with a cylindrical form.


Unprotected battery: a kind of battery without wiring protection– remember to be mindful with getting too hot, short circuiting and overcharging.


Vape: meaning to breathe in vapour from an e-cigarette.

Vaper: the person that vapes.

Vaper’s tongue: expression that describes the loss of preference when the very same e-liquid flavour is utilized too often, and taste end up being desensitised to that flavour.

Vaping: the action of using e-cigarettes.

Vaporiser: an alternative name to e-cigarette.

Vaping: the action of using e-cigarettes.

Vapour: water vapour generated when the e-liquid is heated up by the atomiser.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG): a clear and also odourless sweet fluid that can be used as a choice to PG when mixing e-liquids.

Vent openings: holes in batteries, that permit gases to be gotten rid of as a safety and security attribute.

Venting: when gases are launched via the battery vent openings.


Wattage: a dimension of power, utilized to explain the power dispersed with an atomiser.

Wick: absorbing product placed touching the atomiser to soak e-liquid.

Wire: resistant material utilized to construct a coil.

Wrap: when a cable is twisted around to create a coil form– the higher the variety of wraps, the higher the resistance.


Allow us understand in the comments if there are any vaping terms beginning with an X.


Allow us know in the comments if there are any type of vaping terms beginning with a Y.


Zero nic: e-liquid or cartridges that have no pure nicotine.

Currently you are all approximately date with the most up to date vaping terminology! Do not hesitate to call us or leave a comment below if you understand much more terms we can consist of in this reference.

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