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Know What It’s Like To Attend Your First AA Meeting In New York

They say that the most important step in the journey to alcohol deaddiction is the first one. If you have already taken that vital first step, in a way, you are home-free. You know that you want to reclaim your life and you are sure of taking the right direction – all that’s needed is perseverance. 

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Do know that you are not facing this difficult journey alone. There are many like you who have been there and have the battle scars to prove it. But they are in a much better place in their life now, and you can be too.

Going to your local AA meeting might change your life. At these AA meeting, you will meet and listen to the encouraging stories of the others, which will propel you to stay on the right path.

Of course you might feel nervous, after all who wouldn’t? This is a very vulnerable phase in your life, physically and emotionally, and you would naturally baulk at entering an unknown place and meet strangers.

Take succour from the fact that this place is filled with people just like you – you are all birds of the same feather, except that you ae still searching for your wings while many of them are soaring high in the sky, free from the fetters of alcoholism.

Organised meeting

At an AA meeting, there is nothing unstructured. They are organized in a room with tables and chairs, with a facilitator who is called the ‘chair’ of the meeting. Some meeting can be held in halls and parks, just in case you are claustrophobic and prefer larger spaces. 

All meeting are different from one another. There may be some which are Speaker meeting in which one speaker shares their journey to deaddiction and recovery. Once they are done, the meeting is opened up for discussion. Then there are Step meeting, in which the topic of discussion is any step of deaddiction. There are also gender specific meeting which are for those recovering alcoholics that do not want to attend mixed-gender meeting. In Big Book meeting, the attendees focus on studying the Big Book. 

How to find AA Meeting near you

You can use an AA meeting locator or AA meeting directory to check for ‘AA meeting near me’. You can check the details of the meeting and see if it is something you would like to explore. 

There is a common pain experienced by all members of such meetings – alcoholism. If you attend a meeting for the first time and feel overwhelmed by the outpouring of welcoming hugs and exchange of phone numbers, do realize that these are people just like you. Their journeys are similar to yours and they are keen on helping you to conquer your demons. Most new members will find the naked display of raw emotions a bit strange at times but you should exult in the fact that the members feel free enough here to exhibit their innermost emotions rather than bottle them up.

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