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A halal wedding is a highly anticipated event. The first requirement of a Muslim marriage is consent, not religion or ethnicity. A halal wedding can be conducted in any location that is private and secure from outside interference and legal in the jurisdiction where it takes place. Read more about wedding catering below.

Catering to those who follow Islamic dietary laws for food and drink at their weddings has become more common as the observant Muslim population grows. Weddings are an essential aspect of Muslim culture and tradition. Hence, specific dishes must be served at them, but this does not mean that they must be prepared by only those who subscribe to the same religious views, especially since many Muslims (and Arab Christians) do not keep Halal themselves and eat non-halal foods. It is also worth noting that in Islam, pork consumption and its byproducts are not allowed under any circumstance. Halal wedding catering in Singapore choices can be provided by a caterer who abides by Shariah law, or it can be prepared in-house by Muslim family members attending the wedding. Whichever method you choose to design your Halal menu, here are some specific guidelines to follow:

It is essential to make sure all ingredients used in preparation are Halal. This means there should be no alcohol-based products used in cooking or baking items for the wedding meal, nor should any meat come from pigs or animals killed with stunning before bleeding out. Also, most gelatin has pork matter in it, so it is essential to ensure that no gelatin is used in making any desserts.

When selecting meats, it is crucial to ensure they are Halal. A list of Halal animals can be found here. Reminder: do not use pork at all for your wedding meal. If you want beef, get the best quality halal beef you can find and afford. According to Islamic law, it must have been slaughtered, which means that the animal must not suffer before killing. The knife used must also be sharp enough so that the animal does not die from being cut too superficially or slowly bleeds out.

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Halal chicken/poultry should be purchased with care because some sources say stunning chickens before slaughter is allowed while others maintain it is not, so it is best to check with your supplier. The best farms are free-range or cage-free, where the animals have more room to move around, are not overcrowded and can perform natural behaviours. This ensures less stress on the animal, which means it will be healthier at slaughter time since stressed animals often produce adrenaline before being killed, which affects the tenderness of the meat.

The same also applies to fish, and they should be caught without being injured by sharp objects or nets that scrape against their skin which damages flesh during processing (splitting them open) after seeing. If you cannot afford wild Alaskan Salmon, make sure farm-raised fish use vegetable-based omega three oil instead of fish oil from marine mammals like aquatic wildlife; this ensures the fish will not be defiled.

Meat should always be well cooked to kill bacteria and viruses that may have contacted the meat, so your caterer must cook meat thoroughly. If you are entertaining guests who are delicate about what they eat, make sure their food is served separately from others.

And finally, if you want Laban, make it yourself before the wedding day because commercial brands use ingredients that might not meet Halal standards. You can find a recipe by clicking here. However, it is essential to remind your guests not to drink water before or after eating because doing so nullifies the effects of any digestive enzymes in saliva, which could lead to indigestion. Water should be consumed only thirty minutes after food is eaten.

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