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Reasons Why AC Freezes Up and Requires AC Repair in Los Angeles

Does your AC freeze up sometimes without any reasons? Read the article to know reasons and why you require Ac Repair in Los Angeles.


Since summer is around the corner of Los Angeles, you must be thinking of turning on your air conditioner to keep your office and house environment cool. 

But are you aware of several threats that your air conditioner face during summers including freezing up? 

If not, you must know that it could damage your system’s components if you try to run your frozen AC unit. 

Many modern systems automatically shut down when the system get freeze up. 

Now you must be thinking of what causes an Air Conditioner to freeze up and why you need AC Repair in Los Angeles to fix this issue?

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6 Reasons Why Your AC Freezes Up & Requires AC Repair in Los Angeles:-

Inadequate Airflow

If your system cannot maintain adequate airflow throughout the AC unit, then there are chances that humidity will get settled down on the coils and will further lead to an air conditioner system to freeze up. 

To keep cold coils warm, an air conditioner must maintain proper airflow as the warm air is necessary to keep coils above the freezing temperature. 

Another reason for inadequate airflow is shutting down of vents which also leads to a frozen ac. Vents are responsible for drawing air into your system, where hot air gets cooled and then redistributed back to your home. 

To cope with this issue, call AC Repair in Los Angeles for regular maintenance to prevent airflow problems and other issues. 

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty Air Filters causes inadequate airflow and one of the important cause of an Air Conditioner to freeze up. So it is essential to keep a regular check on air filters, clean and replace them frequently before they become dirty and clogged. 

According to the US Department of Energy, people who change their HVAC air filters regularly can improve their system’s efficiency between 5% and 15%. It is the simplest way that can have a significant impact on your system’s functionality to keep it operating correctly.

The coil also gets frozen up due to dirty air filters, which doesn’t allow the coil to absorb enough heat to keep the cycle running smoothly. In case you find that your AC has frozen up due to dirty airflow, immediately turn off the system to defrost. 

An air conditioner system needs approx. 1-3 hours to melt. Once the system has thawed out, turn on the fan only for about an hour. Meanwhile, you replace your air filters so that your AC unit get back to working condition. 

But still, if your AC refuses to turn on call AC Repair in Los Angeles. 

Low Refrigerant Levels

The other reason for a frozen air conditioner is low refrigerant levels leading to too cold coils. The low refrigerant levels are due to leak or if not adequately charged. This is a severe air conditioner issue and should be diagnosed and repaired by someone providing professional services for AC Repair in Los Angeles. 

Low Outdoor Temperature

Operating AC while the outdoor temperature is low could cause an air conditioner to freeze up. If this happens, try to use air conditioner fan mode only or use outside air to ventilate your house or office. If still, things don’t work out, call the service of AC Repair in Los Angeles.

For such situations, the manufacturers should install a fan speed controller to regulate the condenser speed. 

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Damaged Blower Fan

The blower fan of an air conditioner helps the cold air to flow where it needs to flow and throw the warm air outside. 

Once the air cools inside the system, it becomes denser and doesn’t travel. The blower fan helps the cold air to travel outside the system to cover the room or house by sucking the hot air. 

When blower fan breaks down or gets damaged during regular operation, it significantly changes the airflow inside your air handler. The condensation will accumulate on the coils, and the water droplets will not evaporate or drain correctly.

With no hot air moving over the parts, the broken fan will cause a refrigerant line to freeze up too. If your refrigerant line gets frozen, it will quickly reach your condenser unit outside and cause issues. This is a mechanical problem and could be solved by hiring a professional and certified HVAC Contractor Los Angeles.

Thermostat Setting: 

When you run your air conditioner unit at a very low temperature for over a longer time, you can probably face a freezing problem with the thermostat. Try to adjust your thermostat to a more moderate setting. 

Call out the best AC Repair in Los Angeles to fix all freezing up problems.

AC Repair in Los Angeles

Does your Air conditioner too freezes up and requires AC repair in Los Angeles?

Call ATC AC & Heating Repair Los Angeles to serve you the best advice and services for your air conditioner. 

It is one of the industry-leading AC Repair in Los Angeles company providing services at your doorstep 24/7.  

The certified professionals are just one call away in case you need any consultancy, or you want to hire or grab any information regarding AC Repair in Los Angeles services from them. 

Contact them at +13238971575  for any help anytime according to your availability.

The Company’s professionals provide safe and secured services at most affordable prices. 

In this covid-19 pandemic, the technicians are taking all preventive measures, checking temperatures timely, and ensuring social distancing all the time. 

The best thing about this Company is you need not carry your air conditioner system to the store; they will visit your house for repair, replacement or any service you need for your system. 

In case you personally want to visit the Company to see how they work or check their credibility here is the address – 2651 Waverly dr Los Angeles Ca 90039. 

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