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Acne and Ways to deal with It

A lot of myths related to acne and its causes and treatment have been going around forever. The most common one is that fatty, oily food and chocolate are the major culprits to cause it. Another misconception is that poor hygiene is a primary reason for acne. Read more about Acne and Ways to deal with It below.

Well, acne is a skin problem when the follicles in the skin which hold hair roots get blocked with dead skin. Usually the hair follicles the old cells covering fall down and are carried to the skin surface by sebum. During puberty, your body experiences a lot of changes especially with the levels of sex hormone such as androgen. This leads to the production of more sebum which forms a plug by teaming with the old skin cells. The oil build-up leads to the formation of whitehead which darkens and further becomes blackhead. Both are a form of acne.

Pimples occur when bacteria on your skin grows in the follicle and breaks the oil build-up. It causes swelling and formation of pus in the follicle. Cysts, pustules and nodules are harsh acne forms and cause inflammation and redness. They may be painful too.

Your acne can become worse with higher sweating, wearing clothes which rub against your skin and meds like contraceptive pills. Some women experience acne with heavy makeup and during their menstruation.

Acne is uneasy and worrying for a lot of people but you do have options to treat them and reduce its impact. Following a good skin care routine helps you keep the oil in check and remove the old skin to avoid blockage of hair follicles. It includes gentle washing and cleaning of your face twice a day with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Once done, pat your face dry with a soft towel. You can use several skincare products available in the market as per your skin type.

Always wear loose fitting cloth and keep your hair off your face. Never pop or squeeze your pimple or you may hurt your skin and cause marks.

There are a lot of medications available online, as well as alternatives to smoking like vape pens, and the right one depends on the condition of your acne. You can also consult a doctor before going for any ointment or medicine. Some medications include antibiotics to kill the bacteria. The treatment for acne may take time so you shouldn’t expect immediate results. Speak to your pharmacist to get detailed information on the treatments available. If you have acne on different parts of your body, then it is better to consult a doctor first and then start the treatment. Also see a doctor if your acne doesn’t improve with medications you have tried.

If you reside in New Zealand, then you can order acne medications online from the comfort of your home. The NZ Online Chemist offers you all medications related to acne and its problems. Right from the HONEVO acne mask to the BENZAC Clear acne kit, you have all the treatment options to get a clear skin. Click here to place your order now!

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