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Airsoft Answers: Do Airsoft Bullets Hurt?

Thinking about playing airsoft with your friends? You might be wondering, then, if airsoft bullets hurt when they hit you.  Read Airsoft Answers to get all answers below.

Airsoft, like paintball, is a high-energy, adrenaline-filled game. Part of that thrill comes from the possibility of getting hit with an airsoft BB, which may hurt if you aren’t wearing proper protection or get hit in a sensitive area.

Here’s an answer to the question, “Do airsoft bullets hurt?”

Do Airsoft Bullets Hurt?

The short answer is yes, airsoft bullets do hurt. However, there are several factors to consider


Airsoft bullets shot from close distances will always hurt much more. It’s not uncommon for some minor bleeding to occur at close distances, especially if the gun is high-powered.

Airsoft Gun Power

Airsoft gun power is measured in FPS, or feet per second traveled. Most guns are between 200 and 400 FPS, although some expensive models may exceed 500 FPS or more. This is the other big factor, besides distance, that influences how much airsoft bullets hurt.

Airsoft shotgun bullets or airsoft grenade launcher bullets, for example, are going to hurt a lot more due to their high FPS. A handgun with 200 FPS might feel like a small pinch from 50 feet or more away.

Area of the Body

Airsoft bullets that hit your face, neck, or other sensitive areas are going to hurt more than shots to your arms or legs. 

This is why competitive airsofters wear gear that covers their face, groin, eyes, and ears when they play.

Pain Tolerance

Pain is relative, so you have to factor that in when considering if you’re wondering if they hurt. Airsoft can be either a fun recreational activity or something super competitive. If you aren’t up for a little pain from time to time, airsoft may not be for you.

But if a little excitement and the potential pain are exciting to you, you may want to invest in some sweet gear for your airsoft team (see here).

Bare Skin vs. Clothes

A bare-skin shot will hurt exponentially more than a shot with even a t-shirt or shorts on. While not many people shoot airsoft guns naked, this should be taken to heart when choosing clothes if you’re playing with friends.

Can Airsoft Guns Cause Injuries?

Airsoft guns are normally safe, so long as you protect your eyes, ears, and groin when playing with friends.

Even if you get shot at closer range with a high FPS gun, you’re unlikely to suffer serious injuries from an airsoft gun. (Although they can break the skin or leave welts, which are never fun.)

Keep in mind, a 2021 bill in Canada is hoping to restrict the use of the sorts of airsoft guns that could injure people.

Do Airsoft Bullets Hurt?

It’s not like getting hit with airsoft bullets feels good. But unless you’re using a high-end gun and shooting at close range, the pain of an airsoft BB isn’t enough to make most people give up the sport. In fact, for some people, it’s part of the fun!

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