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All About Missouri’s Boating License

The state of Missouri allows boating as one of its many endeavors. You can enjoy some quality time with friends and family as you take on the rivers and lakes the state has to offer. But cruising on a boat is no mere thing. There are some things you have to consider. One of them would be the state’s boating license. How do you get it? By completing the state’s online boating safety course. Accomplishing the learning track will inform you not only the basics of boating. You will know what to do as you cruise the waters. Let’s find out more, shall we?

A Boating License?

Think of it as a car driver’s license – only for boats. The state of Missouri mandates that any individual – tourist or not – must have their license. This concept is to make sure that boat goers are safe and know what they are doing as they take on the waters. You will have a hard time with authorities if you take your boat for a spin, but you have no license. It would lead to some trouble. You can get a boating license after you finish and pass the state’s online boating course. Boating education is a must for those who were born after January 1, 1984. The same rule applies to any person who wishes to boat around any Missouri river or lake.

The Online Course

An online boating course is mandatory for anyone who wishes to have a boating license in the state of Missouri. Boating can get pretty confusing, especially for first-timers who have no idea what they are doing. The course will educate you on boating basics and what you have to do when you hit the waters. 

The boating course has six primary units, each with its set of specifications and subjects. Check them out below:

  • Unit 1: boating basics

This unit will cover the fundamentals of boating. You will learn about boat parts, troubleshooting, and so on.

  • Unit 2: On the water

This section will cover what you have to do when getting to the water. It includes topics on docking, casting off, and all about waterway traffic rules and regulations.

  • Unit 3: Safety and navigation

This part is as it sounds: you will learn all there is to boat safety and navigation. It also covers what to do when approaching dams, bridges, locks, and so much more.

  • Unit 4: Legal requirements

Each state has different mandates and regulations when it comes to boating. This part of the test will cover the legal aspects of boating in the state of Missouri.

  • Unit 5: Emergency situations

This part might be one of the most crucial ones. It will tackle what you have to do in the moment of a boating emergency.

  • Unit 6: Water sports

The last part of the course is all about the numerous boating and water activities MO boating license test online has to share. It includes paddle craft, snorkeling, tubing, and others.

As You Take The Course

The best way to take the course is through online means. Doing so will give you access to preparation videos, instruction audio, and other learning media. Most online boating courses have state accreditation. That means you do not have to sweat it when it comes to their authenticity and legality.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Sign up online
  2. Study all the learning media and materials
  3. Take the examination
  4. Print your online course completion document
  5. Say hello to your new license

In addition, here are some things you have to take note of regarding the online boating safety course.

  • You can take the course any time at all. There is no deadline to it.
  • The entire curriculum will take you less than four hours to complete.
  • You do not have to take it all at once. Study at your own pace.
  • There is the option of retaking quizzes and exams, should you fail one or more.
  • There is no age requirement for the course.
  • You can take the boating course on any device – iPhone, tablet, PC, Android phone, and so on.

Finding An Online Course

There are a plethora of state-accredited online boating safety courses you can peruse at any time. But it does not matter what you choose. Almost all of these have the same curriculum for boat learning, as well as costs. The course only amounts to $24.70 plus an additional $17.00 for a state fee. It is a meager amount for a boating license. 

But if you wish to have a go right now, you can complete an MO boating license online at Ilearntoboat. You can go ahead and finish that. Once you do, you are one step closer to getting that sweet boating license. There is no reason for you to stop now, so better go all-in!

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