Amazing Games like Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most recent significant addition to among the most beloved styles of entertainment. The beta buzz this game was able to create is a testament to that. When Cyberpunk was first introduced in 2012, they developed the audience’s assumptions with a single photo, raging with the perfect cyberpunk aesthetic. Followers knew nothing about this mysterious new IP yet they knew it was cyberpunk which was reason enough to celebrate.

Yet what is cyberpunk? Is it merely an aesthetic, a cautioning about a less than excellent future, or something else totally. Despite being immediately recognizable, cyberpunk is tough to specify. With any luck, by submersing yourself in video games comparable to Cyberpunk 2077, one can much better recognize the category.

Action Games like Ghost of Tsushima

‘Grand Theft Car V’

Although you might make a debate for sure components, Grand Burglary Auto isn’t cyberpunk. That, nonetheless, doesn’t imply the game, released in 2013, does not belong on this checklist. Even prior to CD Projekt Red released Cyberpunk gameplay footage, lots of properly guessed the video game would certainly be a futuristic GTA.

Gameplay-wise, the two are structured similarly. Everyone provides over-the-top stories utilizing in-game goals as an automobile. Los Santos might be a few decades behind Evening City, however the two do share an obvious charm.


2017’s Viewer was a hit no person was anticipating. Created by the Bloober Group, Observer puts a cyberpunk luster over a mental thriller. While parts of the video game are a bit harsh around the edges, aesthetically and also narratively, Observer handles to unfurl its word without having to count on the infodump. Rather, the game depends on refined cues and personality communications to paint a picture of a future nobody intends to reside in, cyberpunk or not. The globe of Viewer might conveniently fit into Cyperpunk 2077 that makes the video game perfect for those finished with Cyberpunk and also food craving extra.

Top Games like Valorant

Remember Me

Dontnod’s Remember Me was an enthusiastic entrance that could have been a little bit ahead of its time. Launched in 2013, the video game took place in a distinct cyberpunk setup but attempted to be more than simply cyberpunk. It did so with a video game auto mechanic that permitted gamers to see and manipulate the memories of targets. It was a neat suggestion that, for the most part, worked. Untangling the game’s substance mystery by controling the memories of opponents, and sometimes transforming them into allies, was a fascinating principle. Other parts of the game, nonetheless, came off as a little bit saying or, at worst, downright tacky. Generally, nonetheless, Remember Me was a strong entry right into the cyberpunk style that is well worth a play-through.


In 2014’s Cloudpunk was among a handful of games that seemed to wish to capitalize off of the predicted success of Cyberpunk 2077. Cloudpunk, established by Ion Lands, took the Cyberpunk aesthetic as well as, like Transformed Carbon and also The Jetsons prior to it, literally raised it to the clouds.

Like other cyberpunk games prior to it, Cloudpunk does not avoid the political. It greatly features dialogue that clarifies the world’s political and also socio-economic bases and, like in many cyberpunk stories, points are bleaker than they appear. Nonetheless, life has to take place and you have to make ends satisfy by working as a messenger. It’s during the occupational trips you satisfy a collection of interesting characters that aid to drive the tale ahead.

And, naturally, Cloudpunk’s art style differs from anything. It incorporates the two-dimensional sprites of older games but, sometimes, is made in three measurements. It provides the game an entirely unique appearance and earns it a put on this listing.

Empire 451

This set is a head-scratcher. When Rune People, the team behind Empire 451, were making this game, it seemed like they wanted to provide Dark Spirits a cyberpunk transformation, but include an element of turn-based RPG. Completion outcome is a game that is light on the tale but heavy on the visual appeals. As the player makes their means via the neon-lighted roads only to be tested by an arbitrary knife-wielding android, Dark Spirits promptly enters your mind. But the video game lacks both the difficulty and also elegance of a soul-type game. That’s not a knock against it, Conglomerate 451 has lots of points going for it. The gameplay is strategic and also thorough as well as calls for players to traverse the world meticulously.

Best Games like Little Nightmares

Invisible Inc

An additional video game that plainly includes a cyberpunk setting. Only this video game, which is geared even more towards turn-based strategy instead of straight-out battle. The gamer is entrusted with infiltrating maps to secure, what has to be, the rotten strategies of business emperors. Exceeding opponent sentries is the main goal, which sometimes can get frustratingly difficult. The satisfaction of clearing an especially challenging map, nonetheless, more than offsets it. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is something the developers clearly intended to get across.

System Shock 2

An oldie however a goodie, System Shock 2 is a first-person shooter that combines aspects of Cyberpunk with horror for a video game that, during its time, was an one-of-a-kind experience. Established by Looking Glass Studios, System Shock appeared at the millenium as well as has largely taken care of to age quite with dignity, about various other games of that period. The influence this game has actually had on the sector can not be underrated. Whatever from Target to Dead Room takes cues from System Shock 2 which earns it a place on this checklist.


One of minority video games in the action stealth category that can go toe-to-toe with the metal gear series. Republique, guided by Camouflaj, puts players in the footwear of a hacker attempting to browse a grey company globe.

The bleakness of cyberpunk is in full view. Just one look as well as you can tell the world is in the middle of an overbearing dystopia that you, the player, has to fight back against.

The gameplay is liquid, satisfying, as well as, at times, extremely reminiscent of Assassins Creed. This is specifically evident during minutes of the video game where players have to conceal in a pot of flowers or find other methods to disappear from the opponent’s sight. Republique, however, is much from a dupe of various other titles and also is worth a playthrough.

2064: Read Only Memories

The cyberpunk visual in 2064: Read Just Memories is straight from the 1980s. Weird clothes, as well as even stranger personalities, abound in this point-and-click journey, developed by MidBoss. The advanced setting is conveniently the high point of this game. There is something wayward with the means the world exists to the player.

This video game is a masterclass in criticizing our modern-day world without coming off as preachy, something other titles fight with.


Dex’s setup is probably the most apparent cyberpunk on this list. The video game’s tale, nevertheless, can have conveniently occurred in contemporary times. Dex manages to be a cyberpunk story without over-relying on its cyberpunk setting. It becomes part of a team of 2-D side-scrolling stories that focuses on the story most importantly else. Decisions the player makes resound throughout the entire narrative. Also the way you level up the titular character has ramifications on what takes place as well as exactly how the video game is played. It’s a video game that is absolutely worth a number of replays.

Final Dream 7

While not the very first video game people consider when they listen to cyberpunk, Final Fantasy 7, without question, has all the elements and tropes of a cyberpunk adventure. Brave personalities fighting back versus a corrupt but powerful firm; check. Said corporation decreasing the value of human life for the sake of earnings; check. An aloof hero who learns to eliminate for a righteous cause; check. All the elements exist and although it isn’t immediately recognizable as a cyberpunk story, it is still among one of the most cherished titles within the style.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The evident competitor against Cyberpunk 2077. This is the title industry viewers said Cyberpunk 2077 would be compared to. Deus Ex Lover The human race Divided is extensively taken into consideration to be the most effective of an incredibly significant franchise.

Deus Ex Humanity Divided, like the very best in the cyberpunk category, holds a mirror to contemporary concerns. In this specific case, the game doesn’t shy away from representations of facism and also racism versus those that have been enhanced.

Besides the story, Mankind Divided stands apart thanks to its crip gameplay. Gamers have the alternative to play as a lumbering storage tank or stealthy assassin, which just includes in the replay worth. If you’re trying to find a follow-up to Cyberpunk 2077 look no more than this work of art.

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