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A job interview is an essential part of the recruitment process. This article about Answers to Avoid During an Interview is very important.


A job interview is an essential part of the recruitment process. To get the job you wish, the impression you leave on the interviewer and your answers significantly determine your potential employment.

Many applicants are preparing for an interview, but little do they know that many of their perfect answers have not helped them. Before falling for the perfection trap, read this article to know what answers to avoid during a job interview.


Do all Answers Work for Every Interview Question?

Since there is no remedy for every illness, there is no answer working for every interview question. Although every applicant expects many common interview questions, the solutions should be relevant to the situation and the applicant in person. Here is why you should pay attention to be specific and different:

  • The first reason is that the interviews are unpredictable. Some of them are based on specific details rather than general answers.
  • The second reason is that keeping specific answers might distract you, as an applicant, and make you sound lifeless and robotic, as your body language can reveal it.

 There are many things to consider in job interviews and others to avoid, including some prohibited phrases that, once said, lead to a wrong impression about the applicant.

That’s why paying attention to the details is very important in structuring an interview answer. As applicants search for the perfect interview answers, they should consider looking for things to avoid during an interview.

The worst Interview Answers

Weak Excuses

Interviewers cannot tolerate specific careless answers and gestures in this meeting. Not coming on time might be related to specific reasons that hindered the applicant’s punctuality. Whatever this reason, it is bad to start the interview with excuses.


That’s why you need to take this appointment seriously and be on time. It is better to come before the interview 10 or 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

Answering Simple Questions in an Elaborative Way

When the manager asks you for simple information such as your previous work experience, he expects an answer to the question’s level. Sometimes people exaggerate the answers, thinking that this helps them in making a professional image. This assumption is wrong. Employers want simple and clear answers that don’t consume time at the expense of the upcoming questions.

Saying I don’t know

It is very innocent to say “I don’t know” for things you don’t know. On some interview occasions, it is not appropriate to say this phrase, as the interviewer is either asking you questions related to your field, your skills, your achievements, or the job you are currently applying for. Saying I don’t know is one of the typical answers to avoid, as it reflects your lack of attention and willingness to get the job.

Interrupting your Interviewer

Whether you know the upcoming question, whether you are thoroughly excited for the job, do never interrupt your interviewer and talk on his/her behalf. Do not complete the interviewer sentence or talk together at the same time. Be a good listener and wait for your turn to answer. You are not in a race with everyone.


Even if you can get the job in Canada by lying about your experiences or certificates, you will not survive this lie for a long time. Sooner or later, employers will find out what you lied about, and when it happens, you’ll lose your job. Applicants should answer realistically, as the consequences of lies can end up their careers.

Private and Personal Details

You have to be extremely professional in dealing with your interviewer during a job interview. If your answers revolve around your personal issues with previous managers or reveal specific names from the field, they will reduce your eligibility for the job.


Confidentiality and professionalism should be adopted in answering interview questions. If the applicant lacks one of them, he will not nail the job interview.


Managers are always looking for smart answers. This sometimes includes criticizing the company you are working for. This point is crucial as it shows your interest in taking the company towards a higher level. But, excessive criticism might put you outdoors, especially when it is not constructive and does not to the professional side.

Talk about yourself in a professional way.

The “Tell me about yourself” question is ubiquitous in job interviews. If you are asked this question, avoid talking about your useless details, such as your family status, and focus more on your previous career experiences and skills.

Asking Many Questions

During the interview, avoid asking too many questions to the people interviewing you. Even if you had the opportunity to ask them, you should not employ a self-centered question like how you found me. Am I suitable for the job? When would you hire me?

These types of questions will give them the impression that you are not qualified for the job, as they are not related to the field or the company’s activity. But, it’s okay to ask some questions that are intended to create a broader image of your job.

Asking about the Salary

When your interviewer talks about Salary or benefits and asks you about your salary expectations, try not to give a number. Try to leave the impression that you are more interested in the job rather than its material aspect. So, let things take their usual course; usually, the person interviewing applicants will inform them about the Salary and benefits at the end of the interview.

These were the top 10 general answers to avoid during a job interview. Please consider them whenever you are invited for a professional meeting or share them with friends. 

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