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Unique Real-World Applications of Machine Learning – Amir Articles

You can’t deny the fact that the internet and technology have taken over our lives. Read about Applications of Machine Learning for more.


You can’t deny the fact that the internet and technology have taken over our lives. Today, we are dependent upon technology to communicate, search, shop, and even learn. 

A decade ago, humans used to communicate physically by going to each other’s place, window shopping from malls, and learning from brick and mortar colleges.

However, with technological advancements, things have changed. Furthermore, a new technology surfaced a few years ago – machine learning and revolutionized the digital space.

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Organizations all over the world are leveraging machine learning to automate everything. Ranging from traffic updates to playing songs and voice searching, machine learning has transformed the way we live our lives. 

You can understand the implementation of machine learning by enrolling for credible machine learning certifications. However, here are some mind-blowing real-world applications of machine learning you should know about.

Google Maps

How do you think Google maps shows you the fastest route despite high traffic? 

It is a combination of multiple factors like how many people use Google Maps at the time, historical data of that route, and some real-time ML techniques. While you use Google Maps, you allow the app to track your location, average speed, day, time, and specific occasion. 

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All such data is gathered and stored by the application. By leveraging this data, AI and ML algorithms are curated to make the right conclusions and give you the exact information.

Face Unlock

Ever wondered, what is the science behind your phone being unlocked by your face?

Well, it’s machine learning and AI. By using algorithms, computers work on pattern recognition. This is why ML algorithms can recognize any form of visuals. The high-end camera of your phone recognizes the nodal points in a human face and uses ML technologies to measure the variables of a person’s face, and unlocks the phone.

Amazon’s Product Recommendation

  • Users who bought this also bought…
  • Users also buy this along with this product.

You may have seen these pop-ups while shopping on Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra. 

All these outcomes result from advanced ML training wherein systems learn individual patterns of users and suggest new or additional products to buy. You can see similar recommendations on YouTube and other music applications leveraging ML, not just shopping apps.

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Google Translate

How easy it has become to translate a sentence from English to French or Spanish. Google Translate uses ‘Google Neural Machine Translation’ to absorb thousands of languages, words, and dictionaries and translate any sentence in the desired language. 

Isn’t that astounding? 

You can learn how to leverage these ML techniques and build robust ML models. A credible machine learning certification is all you need. IIIT Allahabad is offering one such accreditation in collaboration with Talenedge.

The IIIT Allahabad machine learning program boasts an extensive curriculum that exposes professionals to every single facet of machine learning.

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So what are you waiting for? Scour the Talentedge website for the IIIT Allahabad machine learning program, enroll yourself, and become a world-class machine learning expert.

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