Architecture Firms in Dubai

Architecture Firms in Dubai

Choosing the Right Architect: Points to Ponder

We all have an image in our heads of what our dream home might look like. Some might want an extravagant manor with numerous rooms, while for others, it might be a quaint tiny house surrounded by nature. If you love cooking, then a house with a nicely spaced and designed kitchen is ideal. If you’re a gym fanatic, then a dedicated workout room is essential. If you like having quiet moments to yourself with a cup of coffee in hand, then a place with a balcony or porch where you can sit and relax is the dream.

Your dream house is a reflection of you. That’s why it’s all the more important to choose the right architect when setting out to build your dream home. An architect who will listen to your thoughts and constructively turn your creative input into collaborative effort can make the journey to realizing your dream home so much more fun, not to mention easier. If you’re on the lookout for an architect to help you design your dream home, here are a few tips for you to consider.

Understand what makes an architect valuable

Before you even start looking for a professional to hire, make sure to keep in mind the main reason behind hiring an architect. An architect can bring a lot to the table to make sure the entire design process is done properly, with structure, while still being enjoyable. A certified professional can help in navigating complex planning procedures and complying with building regulations. An architect can help you create a design that maximizes the natural properties of your chosen location, particularly when it comes to using natural light. Architects can also help in intelligently utilizing space for storage, determining the best materials to use, and identifying fixtures and finishes that will help you achieve your dream look.  

Look at Portfolios with a Fine Comb

Design and Architectural firms will have a natural style that they adhere to. To this point, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether or not you like it. An architect who will push the design process in a direction that you simply do not agree with will only bring on complications and friction. Worse, it will slow down the design process.

To get a sense of whether the design firm or architect is a good fit for designing your dream home, simply look at their current portfolio. It might seem a bit simplistic, but looking at and reviewing previous work is a good first step in narrowing down the list of candidates. Work portfolios can give you a good sense of a firm or professional’s design philosophy. However, while doing this, bear in mind that the choice of furniture and artwork is often out of their control. So make sure to look past that when perusing options.

Do you have questions for a professional architect? Looking to partner with one in designing your dream home? Get in touch with XBD Collective today. We have a team of dedicated architects and designers who will be more than happy to collaborate with you in making your dream home a reality.

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