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Are Technical Skills Important for A Product Owner

Product Owners are high on demand. They look after a product and have to work with the Developers. They are responsible for carrying out the product vision, defining product criteria and managing the product backlog.

Technical skills are not as such required if you have to manage products that end-users use, like a web or mobile app. But if you have to manage a Technical product, which has a large offering like a physics engine then you need appropriate Technical skills to plan technical requirements and define Software Interfaces. If you are responsible for a physics engine, then you have to program in C++, use UML and apply the right software infrastructure and design patterns. CSPO Training can make you excel in such Technical skills.

What do “Technical Skills” mean?

  • Scrum and Agile Software Development methodologies
  • Software development
  • Product architecture
  • User software knowledge
  • Product backlog understanding and management
  • Knowledge of common digital tools
  • Data structures and algorithms

A few reasons why a Product Owner must possess Technical skills are as follows:

A piece of better information about the products and their management

Regardless of the type of role in a company, every employee has to spend the first three weeks working full-time in customer support. Because it’s the fastest way to know how familiar the employee is with their products, the way users use them. Automattic helps quickly to make its new employees more well rounded, familiar with the company and its impact on the market. 

More understanding of what’s under the hood in the company’s product. It gives the Product Owner a well-rounded view and helps in identifying more potential issues or insights.

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Helps in identifying when engineers or developers are wrong

If the Product Owner isn’t technical, they won’t know if they are doing their assessment correctly or not. You won’t know, either, if the team members are telling a tale to give themselves some more time between projects. 

But if the Product Owner is technical, they will have a general sense of what’s involved- how long it takes, what kind of skill is needed, etc. the developer will be a lot more likely to hear their views out. 

Respect from the Technical team

Being a product manager will involve them in negotiating with various teams to get things done for the product. When it comes to development, they have to advocate for the Technical teams to get things done for the product as quickly as possible.

And if the Product Owner is not technical, they won’t know the details behind how the product is built, upgrades or if any dependencies are involved. Then the development teams are much likely to respect them and take their involvement seriously.  

A Better understanding of the market, industry, new technologies and threats with it

As a Product Owner, you will constantly hear new thunders in the market. For example, say, any new databases, which might affect your product. Maybe it has nothing to do with your product’s portfolio or maybe it could become a potential competitive advantage in the coming future. You and your team should be looking into it. 

So, having technical knowledge is valuable. You will be equipped to spot Technical Developments in the industry. This means that a Product Owner should stay well informed in the company about the competition, user feedback, market trends and any other factors which might affect the product in any way. 

The more technologically savvy you are, you will be more likely to be reading your industry’s tech magazines and blogs.

A Better understanding of Development timing, Resource requirements, prioritizing Roadmap and how to set stakeholder’s expectations

The benefit of having Technical knowledge as a Product Owner is that it will give an accurate view of what will be required to build a product according to the strategic plan in the product Roadmap. If the Product Owner understands how the product works only from a marketing or user point of view, a lot will remain a mystery. Then they have to rely on the engineers or coders for advice. 

But as a Technical Product Owner, a Product Owner can go deep and will know what’s involved in creating the backend details, get closer to the Roadmap and plan without anyone’s help.


The product manager must understand the development and design processes. Should know how software development works. You can check out the Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification, it is a must if you want to become a Product Owner with the Technical skills mentioned above.

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