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Art-Inspired Picture Cross Puzzles

Picture cross, also referred to as Picross, nonogram, or hanjie, or Griddlers, is a really fun, engaging, and addictive game. It is typically a classic Japanese picture logic puzzle with clear rules but not-so-easy challenges. 

The player is required to use the provided numerical clues and paint the grid accordingly to reveal a concealed image. These numbers show the squares the player needs to color or leave blank on the grid. One of the most fascinating things about picture cross is its artful representations. While the game was initially designed to be based on black and white [binary] imagery, the game has beautifully transitioned for better over time. Today, the game also comes in color-coded themes to offer players more fun and create beautiful and challenging pixel art. If you like fun puzzle games such as jigsaw, Sudoku, or blocks, then you will definitely love the picture cross puzzle.

Different colors and shades provide both mental and visual stimulation. Each puzzle is expertly made to add a new twist to the traditional gameplay. Such numbered and gridded games with a pop of art give the app a newer and fresher look and feel and will keep you engaged in all the levels. This art-inspired imagery offers more gravity to the visuals and feels as if you have switched over to a very distinctive logic puzzle.  

However, it is good to choose the one that is not overwhelming but is a bit sophisticated. Too vivacious mosaics can give save players a headache and may not retain the feeling of a real picture cross. But if that is more appealing to you, you can go for dynamic-color versions too. 

The main upside of vibrant art is that none of the levels feel boring. Instead, they give players a teaser in each level. Players must apply their logic and unlock the rewards. That’s because picture cross puzzles don’t require guesswork. The color-coded versions are particularly a bit more challenging compared to the basic ones. That’s why it is best to keep on practicing and master the techniques with time. 

Honestly speaking, guesswork can help you crack a move or two, but it can’t help you solve the entire puzzle, making the game very difficult. What’s more, you won’t be able to see the essence of the puzzle. This is pretty the same with all puzzle games- the visuals will just keep you engaged in the game, but the aim is to learn and understand the rules of the game and keep exploring all the levels.

If you have not started playing picture cross puzzles, you are missing a lot of fun. This is the time to download the game on your smartphone or tablet from Google Store App. There are so many types of picture cross puzzles developed by various game developers that you can choose from. You will definitely enjoy playing this game and make the most out of your free time.

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