Asana Project Management vs Aha Project Management: Comparative Guide


Project management systems usually combine different tools, which are all necessary for planning, assigning, and achieving tasks related to your work. Since you are constantly switching from one app to another in order to stay connected with your team, assign tasks and get updates, you can bring your work to a single platform by switching to a management system. You are faced with multiple options when you start looking for software that can provide you with the right solutions for your goals. If you are faced with the decision to choose between Asana project management vs Aha project management, it might be helpful to understand what they offer.

Asana Project Management

Asana project management is furnished with a number of useful tools that come in handy for the purpose of organizing and completing tasks. 

Task Management 

It is vital that your team members know what they are supposed to take care of and when the task is due. With the help of teams, you can let users know which tasks are to be handled on a priority basis. Moreover, they can track the deadlines for the task and ensure that they are able to deliver on time. 

You can get an overview of all the tasks with the help of road mapping as Asana software presents all the overlapping and unscheduled tasks. By aligning them, you can further clean up the timeline to meet the project deadlines. 

While your team handles the rest, you can look over any conflicts that may arise. Asana, in other words, helps you declutter your workspace and create a system that flows smoothly. 

Team Work 

Businesses of all sizes rely on their team members to be able to reach their short-term as well as long-term goals. Therefore, you require a space where everyone can be on-board and collaborate in real-time. Asana project management software lets you access the documents, projects, and goals and boost the overall commitment value.


One of the many useful features of Asana is that you can create workflows with the help of templates. There are about 50+ workflow templates to suit the needs of the project which you are dealing with. Workflows can help everyone track each task on the plan and finish them accordingly. 

Progress Overview 

In order to plan ahead, you need to know what has been achieved so far. Usually, meetings help you identify the progress as well as required steps that will help you in the future. This feature can help you save your as well as the teams’ time. 

Aha Project Management 

Aha software is a tool that you can get used as a digital notebook for the enhancement of the projects under your observation. 


It is important that the clients are able to share their views and Aha software makes that possible by letting them vote about which ideas they like and which need to go. Furthermore, you can feature an in-app widget where the customers can leave their reviews or feedback. Eventually, it is a helpful feature for everyone who is part of the project.

Request Management 

When you get feedback, it can be used for further improvement and if they are organized well. Aha integrates important apps like Zendesk and Salesforce, which collect and store ideas. These ideas can eventually be used to find any bugs and resolve issues without wasting time. 

Comparative Review 

Asana project management vs Aha project management have underlying similarities in their system, but they target different needs. Asana is designed to resolve issues pertaining to the management aspect of projects, whereas Aha is dedicated to finding solutions for the products that you are creating. However, they both have the potential to be used side-by-side so you can maximize the benefit. That being said, even when they are used independently, they can have effective improvement for you. 

Many people prefer Asana due to the fact that it almost covers every aspect of task management, and you do not require additional software. The Aha software helps you capture your strategy on a platform where you can then assign teams to specific tasks. 

Asana and Aha Prices

Asana provides three different pricing plans, which are Basic, Premium, and Business. The basic plan costs $0 and can be used for the creation of unlimited projects, sending unlimited messages, and even list view projects. You also get a project overview, calendar view, and project brief. Meanwhile, the Premium plan costs $13 for every member who will be on board. Premium Asana introduces even more detailed features like Forms, Rules, Timeline, Workflow Builder, and advanced search. The other plan designed to match business level needs offers workload, approvals, portfolios, and lock custom fields. 

In order to learn more about the functions, you can take an Asana demo that provides a visual insight into the intricate details of each feature. 

Aha has eight different pricing plans, which are divided into categories labeled Ideas, Roadmaps, and Develop. With Aha, you can make payments monthly as well as annually, but there is no free version for all of them. Only the Roadmap category sustains businesses that have only been functioning for under 18 months. Another condition is that there cannot be more than ten members on the team and, finally, that your funding must be limited to $1.5M. It is also important to remember that Aha has a limited plan and does not sustain more than three users on most of its pricing models. 

It further accommodates management by providing the enterprise option with maximum benefits that play a fundamental role in the process. 

Asana project management vs Ahs project management might be a perplexing choice because both offer feature lists that can be helpful. However, usually, Asana is better able to accommodate startups, and Aha is far more suitable for established enterprises. 

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