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What Jobs are Available after Completed Certificate III in Aged Care?

Aspiring aged care workers who wish to attain a career in individual support. Read Available Jobs after Certificate in Aged Care for more.


Aspiring aged care workers who wish to attain a career in individual support or aged care must hold appropriate qualifications. The best option for them would be to complete certificate 3 in individual support Adelaide successfully.

This in-demand course is offered by some of the top colleges or universities in Australia. This course teaches you to work with the aged or disabled people effectively. Besides, you will also become eligible for a range of job opportunities after completing this course. 

More about Certificate III in Aged Care Course!

Certificate III in aged care is the most in-demand aged care training Adelaide program at the moment. This is because it focuses on the core areas pertaining to formulating individualized care plans effectively. The creation of these plans can be both for disabled as well as the aged people out there.

To know what career opportunities you can expect after completing this course, today’s guide is for you. Following are some prospective job opportunities you can expect after completing Certificate III in the aged care course successfully. 

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Disability Support Worker!

Individuals ailing with cognitive, developmental, or physical issues chiefly need a disability support worker’s assistance. These often include people with impairments in residential setups, hospitals, clinics, and homes. To intensify your patients’ mental and physical well-being, you might need to work with other healthcare professionals as well. 

Certificate III in the aged care course teaches you the right skills and knowledge to become a successful disability support worker. As a result, you will provide adequate care and guidance to the various disabled individuals. 

Workplaces for disability support workers!

Some of the places where you can expect to work as a disability support worker include the following: 

  • Group Homes 
  • Hospitals 
  • Private Residencies or 
  • Clinics 

After completing the certificate III course, you will learn to effectively provide support and care to disabled people. The best part is you can do so while adhering to the highest professional standards. 

Nursing Assistant!

Do you wish to become a qualified nursing assistant in specific clinical care settings? If yes, then you got to complete the course of cert 3 aged care Adelaide right now. This is because a nursing assistant’s profession is in immense demand amongst the different medical organizations out there.

These primarily include the various healthcare organizations and medical facilities of Australia. A nursing assistant’s job chiefly includes tasks like the execution of administrative activities and caring for patients etc. 

Complete the Certificate III in Aged Care Course!

As a nursing assistant, you must possess adequate knowledge in the clinical sector. The only way to do so is by completing Certificate III in the aged care course successfully. It equips you with all the necessary clinical traits and interpersonal competencies to become a successful nursing assistant.

The responsibilities and duties of a nursing assistant differ reasonably according to the healthcare facility or medical setup. In general, the duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant include:

  • Fixing and managing appointments with other healthcare professionals. 
  • Maintaining a tab over medications and  
  • Dressing, bathing, and feeding the patients, to name a few

Completing one of the most remunerative elderly care courses, i.e., the certificate iii course will help you become a nursing-assistant. 

Aged Care Worker!

One of the most sought-after aged care professions, a senior care worker’s job role, is quite upstanding. To become a successful aged care worker, you need to possess superb interpersonal skills. Aside, an aged care worker should also have an empathetic approach and compassionate attitude.

Statistics say that currently, above 353,200 individuals are working as aged care workers in Australia. The chief duties and responsibilities of an aged care worker include the following:  

  • Providing companionship to the aged people 
  • Providing care and guidance to the elderly people 
  • Overseeing the older adults’ activities taking place in their daily parlance 

Some of the places where you can expect to work as an aged care worker include private residences, hospitals, residential setups, clinics, etc. So, you need to complete certificate III in aged care without failure. It will provide you all the necessary expertise and skills required to make a promising entry to Australia’s aged care sector. 

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Workplaces for aged care workers!

After you complete certificate III in the aged care course, you can expect to work as a successful aged care worker. Some of the places where you can expect to work as an aged care Melbourne worker include the following:

  • Hospitals 
  • Retirement Homes 
  • Community organizations and
  • Private residencies

Certificate III is one of the most sought-after aged care courses in Adelaide that will effectively make you eligible for the job above roles. 

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