Top 5 Backstory Generator – Simple Ways to Make Story Writing Easy

Backstory Generator – Read about some easy to use and perfect story generators. These sites can help you create a basic plot idea for all new or old writers.

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What is the Backstory Generator?
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Details about top Backstory Generators

What is the Backstory Generator?

The backstory is the most important reason for success behind any popular or perfectly written story. Most new writers who don’t have anyone to help them with it, looking for some specially created generators. Most backstories are about characters in the main story and also a complete plot which is good enough to write a successful story. You can consider these generators as Random Story Generator. It’s like just enter some basic information and generator can produce some random stories of you. If you don’t like them, it’s simple for you to just start again with some different entries.

Some people are able to write good stories but they face major problems after that to get a better title. Everyone knows that if you are not able to write a quality Title for your story, people may not like to read it at all. It does not matter how much your story is awesome or great compared to all other people’s stories.


You can use one of these Short Story Title Generator below to get help a lot. Some of these generators are not just there to help you with stories but they allow you to create short titles too with too many suggestions to choose from for perfection. It’s also popular as Story Topic Generator because you need some awesome name after you are done with the story, same you may need a topic to write a whole story. You can also call it Story Name Generator too.

Writing stories for kids is not easy and you may need help from Story Generator for Kids or Story Idea Generator. There are a lot of important things for you to remember it. A lot of rules to follow and these generators can help you a lot by suggesting an awesome story for kids. Some of the below sites provide you with multiple options of different kinds of generators for you like Funny Story Generator, Horror Story Generator, and some other types.

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The story theme is a very awesome part of everything story which explains what the message author is actually trying to convey. But creating some ideas for that is also easy help for new writers using Story Theme Generator. These generators are very intelligent and we know that humans work so hard behind them to add unlimited information. After you use these AI Story Generator, you may know that results are really amazing which you cant imagine sometimes.

Short stories are always a very good idea to convey your message in simple words. Most people don’t want long stories and only these small stories can help them because of the time limits or some other reasons. Short Story Generator can help you a lot, just add some information and get a complete written short story. After some changes, you can easily make it perfect.

The plot is an idea written by the writer behind a complete success story. Everything is defined and how much it’s cool if you can just write some basic info, Story Plot Generator gives you amazing ideas about it for free in seconds. DnD Story Generator is very important for millions of people who love Dungeons & Dragons. They use it in their in-game and lot more information which we cant cover because it’s not our main topic.

Details about top Backstory Generators

1- Reedsy Plot Generator

The most powerful and amazing site where thousands of writers are available to sell their services for different purposes. Writing Contests are very cool on their site and too many writers are earning good money by just writing some small stories on different ideas. Their plot generator tool is very amazing and after adding some information, you can build something which you may never imagine before.

Another important feature on their site is the Book Title Generator, which means after writing whatever you want, creating a tittle is very easy. The tool provided by them is powerful and easy to use for everyone. Another important feature of this site is the character name generator which means you can get help for creating cool characters in your story. There are many other tools that we suggest you explore this site.

A Short Story idea is another tool for creating a short story for you. Its up top writer and level of skills they get to expand it to the large story. But simple or basic ideas can really help you to begin if you are confused about everything. In simple words, this site is on top of everything and we strongly recommend you explore it.

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2- Masterpiece Generator

Another large site where you can easily create a backstory. There are too many options there to choose from and get results as per your demand. But they provide you with 2 different options, choose from some options to get some cool results, or just go random and get some amazing auto-created ideas.

It’s a huge collection of generator sites that are added to this group. Whenever you click to use any generator, it will take you to another site to begin work. The story name generator and some other tools are really helpful. But some other tools which are completely different from story writing are also there.

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3- Springhole Backstory Generator

Another collection of generators that you can use for different purposes. But we consider it one of the best Backstory Generator tools. They offer some articles resources which are very important for you to learn or get tips for writing a better backstory. There is box for creating random simple backstories, just click Get ideas and receive too many random ideas. If you don’t like one idea, just click again to get another.

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4- Fantasy Name Generator

A complete solution to all your problems, hundreds of random backstories are created for you. Just use this Backstory Generator if you want a perfect description for each of your characters and write the most amazing stories. They added 2 options for you to choose like Fortune or unfortunate which means they can create backstories about characters which are lucky in their life or unlucky.

Unlike some other generators, they provide you with really cool descriptions of a few lines. You can use it as basic to build characters for your story. The site is cool and you can explore it to find some other features too.

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5- Shindan Maker

Tragic Backstory Generator which is quite nice fr most writers. There are some different ways to use this tool and you can get access to thousands of ideas created already. They also allow you to share on twitter and remember this tool is simple but most effective for getting a good backstory.

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Conclusion for Top 5 Backstory Generator – Simple Ways to Make Story Writing Easy

The backstory is very important behind any character in the story. Writers always need to use it throughout their story and creating the most powerful story can help them a lot. But sometimes making it more simple can help you. We suggest writers begin with very small backstory and add whatever they want when writing stories as per requirements.

We can also write some backstories for writers. If you need help, just write a comment below. Our services are free and we really love to help everyone if you need it. These generators are not perfect and you may not be able to get some good ideas, some are providing very basic ideas which cant help you a lot. We collected some awesome generators for you but you must know that there are many other sites there too which we will add soon. It’s not the final list but we always try to update our articles to make better.

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