Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Islamabad is the federal city of Pakistan and is one of the most developed cities of Pakistan. The real estate sector of Islamabad has recently experienced a boom, resulting in the development of several housing schemes in the city. Among the many housing societies, one of the most prominent ones is Bahria enclave Islamabad. Below are some relevant details about the Bahria enclave Islamabad.


Bahria enclave is built on the main Jinnah Avenue near the park road. It is also at a short distance from the Chak Shazad and the Kuri road. Bahria enclave Islamabad can be easily accessed from all localities of Islamabad and has all major roads passing through it. The area is extremely valuable and has several top-notch housing societies, including Park View City, green enclave, Islamabad model town, and the CDA park avenue. It is also at a short distance from the Bani gala and the Alhamra avenue.

 Approval of Bahria enclave Islamabad

For a housing society to be legal, it must be granted a NOC by the respective authorities. A NOC or a no-objection certificate is a legal document that proves that the housing society has been made according to the laws determined by the government. The authorities first check the housing issue and then grant a no-objection certificate. Bahria enclave has managed to get a NOC from the capital development authority and hence stands as a legal housing society.

Features of Bahria enclave Islamabad

The Bahria enclave has several remarkable features that make it stand out from other housing societies. The housing society has its own 3D cinema, a grand mosque, a zoo, and several parks. Furthermore, the housing society has its educational institute and a health district that is modernly built and equipped with the latest technology. Bahria enclave Islamabad has state-of-the-art infrastructure with wide carpeted roads and a grand entrance. Bahria enclave has its supply of essential utilities and has underground cables to supply water, gas, and electricity. In order to keep the housing society, safe Bahria enclave is a gated community and has an active security system that keeps the crime rate zero. Bahria enclave has its own distillation plant to provide clean water and has a backup generator to protect the residents from the constant load shedding problems. Bahria enclave also has many commercial attractions, including a shopping mall, a banquet, and several restaurants.

The master plan of Bahria enclave Islamabad

The master plan of the Enclave is divided into two sectors, phase 1 and phase 2. Phase 1 is spread over around 800 kanals of land and has around 600 plots available for sale. The second phase has 400 residential plots and is smaller in size compared to phase one. Society is further divided into fifteen sectors to make management more accessible and more efficient. Each sector is responsible for providing facilities to its residents. Each block differs in value and has lots of different prices available. Most of the blocks are fully developed and offer numerous facilities.

Owners and developers of Bahria enclave Islamabad

Bahria enclave Islamabad has been developed by Bahria Town. Bahria town is Pakistan’s largest private real estate company and has several projects under its name. Their previous projects include Bahria town Karachi, Islamabad, and Icon tower Karachi. Their previous projects are proof of the excellent planning and quality construction of Bahria town. Bahria town has changed the dynamics of the real estate market of Pakistan entirely and has raised the standard altogether. The owner of Bahria town is Malik Riaz Hussain and has both domestically and internationally appraised for his work in the real estate sector. Know about master plan of Park View City Lahore


Bahria Enclave Islamabad is one of the leading housing societies of Islamabad and has attracted several investors. The plots in this housing society are highly affordable and have several installment programs that make payment more straightforward and more convenient.

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