Barista’s Guide to Make the Best Coffee At Home – 13 Secret Ways

Barista’s Guide

No one likes to compromise on their first and foremost thing of the day; a hot cup of coffee. Read Barista’s Guide to explore Secret Ways.


All throughout history, No one likes to compromise on their first and foremost thing of the day; a hot cup of coffee. If you are one of those who want to have their coffee in a perfect proportion of milk to coffee, you must be looking for ways to nailing the ideal coffee each day. While making a coffee sounds like an easy job, nobody would think this much thought to be put into it. Only real coffee lovers understand a slight variation in their coffee can ruin their day. 

And for coffee lovers, we all know someone who can make or ruin our day with just a single cup. Yup, that’s the barista. That one person standing behind the counter handing you over the perfect warm and fresh mugs of coffee every morning is a muse to most of us.

What if you could nail the coffee precisely as your favorite barista does? No surprise, we will show you how. Here are your barista guide and tricks to make a perfect coffee at home, whether you own a coffee maker or not. Below are important secret ways as part of Barista’s Guide.

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Buy a Coffee Grinder

This does not have to be stated, but if you need freshly flavored and intensely aromatic coffee, we recommend buying a coffee grinder. You can purchase your favorite coffee beans and grind them as you like, little by little every day. And the smell and taste of freshly ground coffee are just perfect. 

Another reason for purchasing a coffee grinder is that you can easily monitor your coffee beans’ consistency. If you need them in the form of granules, just run the hero for a lesser time. Yes, we know these things are expensive, but there are huge sales as well. You can use the baratza coupon code to get coffee grinders and other kitchen accessories for less for starters. One fo best way as part of Barista’s Guide.

A Coffee Scale

Your job as a Barista at home does not end at grinding the coffee beans and getting done with it. As a perfectionist, you need to have a coffee scale. Since your coffee’s taste and strength depend on the coffee beans’ weight, you need to be careful with the plate as there are varying densities of coffee beans. Weighing the ground helps you use the same ratio of dry coffee to water each time for the same great brew.

Pouring Kettle

Standard kettles work great, but we’d suggest a pouring kettle if you want more power to get an even extraction (by covering the grounds evenly). With the help of the pouring kettle, you can control the amount of coffee going into each much, and it simply covers up the hassle of making separate cups of coffee in each cycle. 

Coffee Filters

Without a coffee filter, your entire barista process is highly faulty. And you need to buy a good quality filter that drains all the coffee into your mug and holds the solid beans into it. A low-quality filter not only wastes your coffee but also allows some of the unneeded particles to pass through. Besides, the market also has washable coffee filters now, so you don’t have to worry about buying paper ones and go out every other day to get a new batch. 


Didn’t we mention it yet? Here’s the big one! It’s time for various brews and coffees to play with. There’s not much point in looking for the right way to make coffee at home and not having the coffee you want.

Do you prefer a Brazilian-washed coffee with a mouth-chocolatey feel and nutty undertones? Or a natural Ethiopian (you can find top quality Ethiopian coffee beans for sale online from reputable sellers), with fantastic fruity flavors and soft acidic notes? Or are you surprised because of the wide variety of coffee options there are? 

Don’t worry; you will find your soul coffee; make sure to browse through the internet or try some narrowed-down coffee to get the best ones for you. We guarantee you will do something you love or maybe two or three things you love. 

Also, one trick to remember when buying coffee for your home, purchasing coffee beans and then grinding them yourself at home will give better results than buying ground coffee. There is something extraordinary about having those full-sized coffee beans and grinding them every other day to make the perfect warm cup of coffee. And to emphasize it enough, make sure to buy whole bean coffee. 

Grind Limited Coffee Only

This is not a coffee grinding competition to see who grinds the most coffee in under a minute. This is about that one unique mug in the morning. If you haven’t understood by yet, making coffee is a journey. It involves complex processes, careful measurements, effort to get something unique, and telling you that the action is always worth it. 

If you are considering purchasing a whole bean coffee (good for you), you must be careful with how much you grind. The entire purpose of purchasing real bean coffee is got get freshly grounded coffee. So take our word for it and always grind as much coffee as you need. 

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Storing your Coffee

Nobody puts this much thought into it, but this makes a difference. Coffee beans are not just ordinary beans, but they are pure magic. Have you seen many home stores and big supermarkets selling that coffee canister for bucks? Yes, purchase that. There is a reason why that ceramic canister are made so pretty and have a big label that says coffee. 

Once you open your coffee bean bag, you cannot roll the top and put it back. It doesn’t work that way. For your coffee beans to remain fresh and tasty, they must be placed with gentle care inside a ceramic canister. A ceramic canister can block sunlight from reaching your coffee. Thus it will not alter the taste. 

The best baristas in the world know how coffee deserves to be kept in the dark, away from sunlight and moisture. Those ‘Store it in a cool dry place’ warnings, take those seriously. Also, never make the mistake of placing your coffee in the fridge or freezer. Like it or not, it won’t make your cold coffee, only stale beans that have absorbed moisture to the core. Another cool way as part of Barista’s Guide.


We have been putting too much pressure on the coffee. Let’s talk about other ingredients. While your coffee beans could be freshly grounded, they must be just what you need, and everything might be perfect still you don’t like it? Coffee works best with filtered water. Always use filtered water to brew your coffee and nothing else. It is recommended to heat the water somewhere within 180 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. 


While we are at other ingredients, let’s talk about milk. If you love lattes and cappuccinos, then it is recommended that you used steamed milk to get the perfect results. You can easily purchase an electric milk frother from that coffee budget of yours, or even if you don’t feel like buying an extra gadget, then the internet is full of ways to steam milk at home DIY secrets. 

Clean the Coffee Maker

Why do you need to clean when it is going to be used for the same purpose? What could exactly happen when coffee mixes with coffee? Nothing more than more coffee to drink! The truth is a lot could happen. Once you use your coffee maker to make the coffee and not wash it before the next cycle, the oil will remain in the coffee maker. This oil will not only damage your coffee maker in the long run but will also ruin the flavor of your coffee the next day. And this is what makes your coffee taste like it’s burnt; nope, it’s not the machine overheating. 

Be Experimental 

Something as wonderful as coffee should not be limited to one way. Have you seen all those hazelnuts, caramel, cream, cinnamon, etc., toppings on coffee? They are great. You can use something as basic as chocolate chips in your coffee to get that little chocolaty flavor.

Whip cream is a common but evergreen choice. Don’t forget to try your coffee with a bit of cinnamon. It tastes like heaven. Also, nutmeg is an excellent addition to your coffee. 

Pouring Method

Pour the water over the coffee beans in a steady and slow motion. When wetting the coffee, be careful not to agitate the grounds too much. The coffee is introduced to freshwater more quickly when it is irritated. Unfavorable tastes can be pulled out by undue provocation.

Also, in the first go, only pour enough water just to wet the coffee beans. As the coffee beans set with that amount of water, start running from the outside and work your way inwards, making smaller and smaller circles before you hit the middle. Maintain a slow and steady stream of water until you have poured the desired quantity of water.

Your Coffee Mug

Eh? We know, right. But there are proofs that the appeal and type of coffee mugs can taste your coffee better or bitter. Well, not literally, but an ideal coffee mug would be which does not heat itself and keeps the coffee inside warm, for starters. You cant ignore mug in list of best ways for Barista’s Guide.

These insulated coffee mugs or a way to go, especially on a chilly day. After all, you do not need an ice-cold coffee on a cold day. You are drinking coffee to keep yourself warm. Moreover, some people prefer customized mugs, are you some people? Hope you love reading “Barista’s Guide”

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