Basic principles of nutrition during sports for Fitness

nutrition during sports for Fitness

First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly fill the body with energy, which will not help fasting and a rigid diet. This can lead to exhaustion and frequent ill health. It is also necessary for the body to be full, so it is advisable to consume light snacks of small portions every 3 hours. These can be light dairy products, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, food filled with vitamins.

Breakfast is the key to a productive day and good mood and health fitness. You should not start your day on an empty stomach, it is better to introduce complex carbohydrates and proteins into the diet in the morning. For lunch, it is worth including protein foods, meat or fish, and for dinner, include vegetables and also proteins that will help the body quickly recover after a hard day.

During the workout itself, it is necessary to replenish the water balance, which is depleted due to the release of sweat. Between sets, it is better to drink plain water, which will help avoid dehydration.

Essential products for a productive workout:

  • Cereal porridge;
  • Soft meat: chicken, turkey, veal;
  • Seafood;
  • Fermented milk products: cottage cheese, yogurt without fillers, low-fat milk;
  • Fresh or baked vegetables, fruits;
  • Nuts and dried fruits.

A set of exercises for the body

Food is one of the most important things in sports. But do not forget that nutrition is only a small part of the matter. Without mandatory training, you cannot quickly achieve the desired result. Therefore, experts have developed different types of exercise complexes to improve the appearance of the figure.

  • Ballet for adults is one of the methods of losing weight. The most important distinguishing feature of this type of training will be dancing, classes with various exercise equipment and aerobics. Since the load is directed to the muscles and ligaments, then, of course, in the near future you can get rid of problems with excess weight and increase the elasticity of the body, as well as acquire a special femininity and elegance.
  • Aerostretching is the next set of exercises. This type of training is suitable for any person. The essence of the classes is aerial acrobatics. Much attention is paid to the press, pelvis and back. During classes, you can not only correct your body, but also have a spiritual rest, relax and forget about everyday life.
  • Stretching – elastic ligaments and a flexible body are one of the great healthy living skills. You can achieve good results at any age. The main thing is to choose a set of exercises and perform it under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Since it is in this direction that smoothness and care is needed for the implementation of each element in order not to damage the joints and ligaments.
  • Games- are very impacted for health and to maintain the fitness level of body. Not only for body but also for mental health. There are many physical games as well as online games which are good for mind freshness. The most playing game for mind health is h game.

Useful Tips

Before starting your workout, be sure to warm up. Thanks to her, muscles, ligaments and joints will not hurt. It also prevents painful injuries and pain after exercise.

Beginners should pay special attention to training time. You can’t torture your body every day in order to quickly overcome weight problems. Four sessions per week are quite enough, during which time the body will already receive the necessary load and adjust to the regime.

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